Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Morning After the Night Before...

We had a fabulous night last night - a really fabulous night and all the more so because it was unexpected.  Great food and great company and great entertainment and a real feeling of community in the Hotel with many different nationalities sitting around the tables.  It was a memory for our memory jar and you can't get better than that.

As I had feared I woke with a baggy head and severe garlic breath but I was not alone - John said he knew he had had a good night out.  He NEVER gets a hangover but I think age is catching up with him as he takes a little longer to recover than he used to when he was 'pub fit'.

John was going to watch the Mighty ENAD today with Rabia, Rob Veasey and John Read.  Rabia is footie mad and needs no persuading to go to the match where he ball-boys and he is such a lovely lad we are more than happy to take him along.  Today when Rob offered to buy him a drink he said thanks but no thanks as he had brought his own money - how many kids nowadays do that?

Whilst the boys were at the match I took the camera with me and went down to Limni Pier to take some photographs.  It was a lovely afternoon and so much warmer down by the coast.

When I got to the pier there were a couple of tourists having an in-car picnic and a couple of people fishing but apart from that I had the beach more or less to myself.

I had a brief rendez-vous with Caroline Penman in the car-park (she was travelling back from Argaka to Polis and then to Lysos) hanging out of our respective cars we looked like we were doing some sort of dodgy deal!

A couple of hours of fresh air walking by the sea enjoying the sunshine was absolute bliss after some of the cold miserable days we have had over the past couple of weeks.

I decided to drive back nearer Polis and took the car down one of the side roads to another little beach which used to be almost unreachable until they cut down some eucalyptus trees.  Someone had obviously been down fairly recently and built themselves a makeshift barbeque area with some pebbles.  It was so quiet down here all you could hear was birdsong - goldfinches I think making the most of it before the hunting day tomorrow!!

I thought I might go down and see what was happening at the campsite but then thought better of it as we have had a bit of rain and so the road into it could be pretty tricky so I just walked further along the beach until I couldn't really walk any more - I was happy and even the pebbles were happy for me!

I managed to find some bits of wood that had been washed up onto the beach so collected them together and shoved them in the back of the car before going back to pick up the boys - stopping off at the petrol station en route.  Saturday afternoons (along with Tuesday afternoon and Sundays) the pumps are not manned so you have to use a machine.  This is not normally a problem unless you put your money into one that isn't working.  Fortunately I managed to get a receipt so will have to go back on Monday and get the petrol that I didn't get today.

ENAD lost and it was a 'shit' game apparently but at least it gave something for the boys to talk about on the way home.  Early night for us tonight as we are off to Larnaca in the morning as we are picking up Lou and H who are returning from their holiday in Goa.

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