Thursday, 18 February 2016


So this was the view that greeted me this morning when I got up - the sun was painting the sky the most extraordinary colours - I had to get the camera out even though John was not impressed by having to wait for his coffee!!! nor were the cats overly happy to have to wait for their breakfast!!

I needed to be on the ball today because last week I completely forgot that I had an appointment with the lovely Kate Fessas for a facial so we rearranged it and it is today at 10.30am.  I had also agreed to take Sharon down to Polis so that she could collect the little red car from the menders plus we desperately needed some food in the fridge particularly as Sharon is coming to tea on Friday and I need to get something organised.

Having done the shopping I decided to go and take a proper look round the Polis Herb Garden in daylight - I had not taken the camera with me when we visited with John and Susan last night plus John had left his jacket there and it needed picking up.

The herb garden at the rear needs a little more time to establish itself but it is already looking lovely.  Thassos says that he has been visited by Caroline who runs the herb garden at Pano Akourdaleia.  He also showed me where he distills the essential oils.

He says that most people make the mistake of over watering herbs - the ones in our garden never get watered beyond that which they get from the considerable condensation that is present in Droushia and they thrive without any issue.  I made the mistake of severely pruning the sage this year which I never do but it had become very woody and it has taken a real battering from the snow and hail - I have seen a little green on it so I am hopeful it will survive.

I was invited in for coffee by the owner and got talking to the nice waitress that had served us last night.

It is early days for this restaurant and I have heard some varying reports but visually it is lovely and we thought our meal was great and not that expensive.  It is upmarket traditional.  I am not sure but I think they have a different daytime menu and I can imagine it would be a nice place to sit of an evening and have a drink overlooking the garden as it is lit up.  We shall certainly be trying it with John's Mum and step-Dad as it will be so convenient to walk along there from C&A Apartments.

I was good and didn't stay too long as I was desperate to make sure I arrived at Kate's in good time.  I have no idea what happened last week because I had my March appointment in the diary but the February one had gone missing.

Fortunately Kate knows that I would never be late unless something had happened so she only left it five minutes before phoning me last week.

I got to Kate's in good time thank goodness and had a wonderful facial - the weather is playing havoc with my skin which I would normally describe as being on the oily side of combination but which Kate told me yesterday was dry.  My hair has been very dry too so I put it down to the weather because that would also normally be on the greasy side.

My facial is my little treat to myself and I always feel so much better for it except that the reflexology leaves me with very slippy feet and I am advised not to slap slap onto my face for sometime after my treatment which is not good if you are going out afterwards PLUS the hairband does nothing for my hair which then sticks up like Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary!!!

I couldn't hang about this morning as we had arranged to meet Mum and Dad at the Outside Inn at the Aphrodite's Rock Brewery for a spot of lunch.  Good job we had booked a table because as it turned out (on what was quite a miserable grey day) at one point all the tables were full.

We could not believe we bumped into Elaine and Paul's brother in law Mike in the Brewery - we had only been talking about him in the car as we hoped we would get to see him before John goes back to the UK - Mike is the other Sheffield United supporter and when he is over he and John like to drown their sorrows together.

This time I opted for the Barbeque Chicken Burger - nothing processed about this burger - there was a complete chicken breast in that tower accompanied by bacon, onion rings and cheese.  It was massive but delicious. It was certainly warm in there which was good for Mum and Dad and I think they liked the food.  We are just trying to introduce them to some new places for them to try.

On our return home I busied myself making the food for tomorrow night when Sharon comes round.  Sharon is vegetarian but nowadays that is no problem to us as we embrace all different kinds of foods.

I had decided to make a warming chunky vegetable soup (it has to be chunky now that my liquidizer has met its maker and I have yet to find a suitable replacement).

Alongside the soup I am going to make a sort of pizza using the greek ciabatta bread I got in Paps this morning and some roasted onions, peppers and cheese.

And for pud well apparently I miss the fact that it was Shrove Tuesday this week so mainly I will be making pancakes!!!

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