Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tuesday - a brighter day...

Tuesday has now become one of our regular visits to the gym at the local Droushia Heights hotel.  Diana, John and I do our little routine and then in return for the use of the gym we have a nice cup of lemon tea and a biscuit to reward ourselves for all our hard work.  Monday was shitty but today was lovely although with a keenish wind not lovely enough to sit outside as we have done on previous Tuesdays.  It is a good start to the day - pickleball and badminton will follow!

On our return from the Hotel we had a late breakfast on the move - poor John was surrounded by the cats as he tried to eat his breakfast with Boris more than a little bit interested in the contents of the bowl.  Minnie is the only one that is missing - she is far too much of a lady to come and beg at the bowl!!!

John is desperate to photograph one of the Bonelli Eagles that we see flying above us on a regular basis - we got so very close the other day when we were on our walk to Fitos.  Today we saw another very close to us but with the little camera that does not have a viewfinder then he stood no chance so the eagle is but a mere speck in the cloud.  He is just going to have to wait until he gets his new camera when he returns to the UK shortly.

We stopped off at the Vasillikon winery on our way as mum wanted a box of wine in readiness for Valentine's Day - I don't think she is anticipating us drinking the whole box I think she just wants something nice for us to drink - although we have now tried the 2014 vintage and at the moment the jury is out!

We had our pickleball session today somehow it wasn't quite as energetic as we have on a Friday but then again we didn't have Liselotte and her husband John the other side of the net!!!   Afterwards Mum and I went off to investigate the delights of what Lidl has to offer which today wasn't too much!  We were surprised to see that they seem to have built a park next door which looks lovely but we cannot see any way to getting into the park which is probably why it is clean today, litter and graffiti free - and long may it remain!!

We drove home via Peyia passing along Banana Bay just before the sun was about to set and it was about to be a perfect sunset too.

John pulled in so that I could get some shots of the sun - I think Sea Yous bar is closed at the moment - it certainly looks that way - not sure when the majority of businesses will be reopening - lets hope it isn't Cypriot Easter because that is late this year!!!

We went this way home because John was selling his old jigsaw (Black and Decker type rather than 2000 pieces) and we had  organised to hand it over in Peyia,  You can really see the difference in the evenings now as it remains lighter so much longer.

We have noticed that in a number of places they have now put old boats as landmarks - this one is situated at the Coral Bay-Peyia junction but there is another one at a junction in Kissonerga.  We like to see them - in fact I have always fancied having an old boat somewhere in the garden - there is a house on the way to Pomos with one and I like the look of it but we really don't have anywhere for one to go!!

I did buy something in Lidl apart from boring stuff like muesli and veggies!  We have been invited out next week to have dinner with someone who loves gardening and so I thought this little crocus growing kit would be a nice idea - I would like it and so I always reckon if I would like something then the recipient might just like it too.

Our evening was topped off with a lovely homemade pasty pie made by mum and a bottle of the latest Agios Onoufrios from the winery.  We may not have a great deal and will never have a great deal in monetary terms but life is about much more than money (thank goodness!!!).

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