Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tuesday - a day of contrasts...

It was a day of complete contrasts today - we were up early - it was absolutely freezing and I could have quite happily stayed snuggled in under the 15 togger with the daily paper, the cats and a coffee but we are trying to be good about our gym visits and so even though last night was probably the coldest night we have ever had whilst we have been here we got up and we got off picking Diana up en route and the three of us did our work-out and then when we emerged from the sanctuary of the gym and its lovely warmth we realised that the sun was shining and there was some real warmth out on the terrace - in fact it was warm enough to sit outside and partake of a cup of lemon tea!!!

It was absolutely lovely sat on the deck even though the people who had arrived for the History class or whatever it was they were attending clearly thought we were nutters.

They didn't like it when we stood by the automatic door and it opened as this obviously caused them a draft and they were peeved that the hotel hadn't lit the fire even though the other heating was belting out and it was toasty warm inside.

Diana told me that if she turns out like them when she gets older I have her permission to shoot her - and vice versa as it seems as though those of us who belong to the NKTLAU club (no kids to look after us) will have to look after each other in our dotage.

Our biscuits were not forgotten today in fact they came to us fresh from the kitchen and then a little later the lovely man who was serving us came out clutching a piece of paper which I thought was our bar bill and then found that it was the recipe for the biscuits so that I could try and make them myself.   I asked him if it was his own recipe and he laughed - I shall have to give them a go I just need to check what the seed combo is that they are rolled in so I can get them absolutely right.

We hadn't been home half and hour before the weather changed and we had snow and quite a bit of it although it didn't stay around for long.

Apparently it snowed on and off most of the day - we missed much of it as we went down to Paphos.  Mum and Dad had been invited out to lunch and so Mum was unavailable for pickleball and then Liz couldn't make it so it was cancelled - I was so glad that I had got some exercise earlier!!!

John was still going to play badminton so we went down in time for John to sort out the socket that Mum and Dad wanted so that they can take advantage of the warmth in the sun room and watch the TV there as often as possible.  This was not an easy job - good thing that Mum and Dad were out as they might have learned some words they hadn't heard before!!  At one point we couldn't work out why nothing was working and then realised that the whole property was without electricity as the main trip had gone.  Anyway it got sorted in the end and John is happy that he has removed a trip hazard.

We left snow in Droushia but came to glorious sunshine in Emba.  It may well have been bright but the wind was very keen so I was grateful for the warmth in the sun room.  John went off to Badminton realising that he had the wrong trainers on which proved a mistake as he said it was like trying to play on an ice-rink so he didn't stay long for fear he might do himself a mischief.

Whilst John was recreating the wonder that was Robin Cousins Mum and I went on an errand for Orexi Elena which meant that we ended up near the Old Town and so we decided to go for a cuppa at Boo-Tea-Licious before scouring the rails of Next which is now a clearance store so there are some real bargains to be had if you are looking for something.

We had a cup of tea and shared a slice of lemon drizzle cake and to thank John for doing the job with the socket she bought him a rather yummy looking bacon brie and cranberry slice thing.

Boo-Tea-Licious is located in Old Town where they have now agreed a regeneration plan which is long overdue.  For a number of reasons this area has been going gradually downhill.  You could blame the credit crunch, the Mall or even all-inclusive holidays for keeping locals and holiday makers away but maybe it is because tastes have changed or that the area wasn't really making the most of its assets.  Things are changing slowly - this area could be beautiful and has lots of history - most of which goes unnoticed because of the traffic and parking.  This is going to be addressed and the place will be the better for it providing that the whilst the changes are taking place businesses can survive.

Establishments like Boo-Tea-Licious and The Place (which is opposite) are a great addition to the Old Town and they deserve to do well.

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