Tuesday, 23 February 2016


 Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law Janet
my nephew Michael
Elena's lovely mum in Finland

Today was the MOST glorious day this year - real warmth and a day full of sunshine - such a contrast to the weather we experienced this time last year - Daniella in the Hotel reminded us that a year ago we had snow and a lot of it and some exceptionally cold weather.  These two pictures were taken 24 hours apart and in the same place!!!

Even though my gym-bunny-buddy Diana was indisposed today John and I still kept up the routine and went to the Hotel for our session this morning.  No need for any heat in the gym today I can tell you!!!  I concentrated on the walker/runner machine first - I walk for three minutes then run for two for a total of 20 minutes - I like this machine because it tells me how many calories I have burned so I know whether or not I can really enjoy my tea and biscuits afterwards!!!  Then I did the 15 minutes bicycle routine which I must now be working harder on as I have progressed from completing 17 laps during the 15 minutes to 22 laps today.  These two were enough for me today - after Belly Dancing last night my shoulder is a little tender so I didn't want to do weights or anything that might aggravate it.

It was so beautiful this morning that there was no question as to whether we would take our tea on the terrace the only question was whether or not we were going to find enough shade - god we Brits like to moan about the weather!!!

Currently the Hotel has lots of visitors all presumably taking advantage of the Alpha-Mega discount voucher but it is good to see it buzzing and just maybe some of these people will return when the offer is over.

I love the biscuits that we get given with our tea and I have been meaning to have a go at baking my own so today when we got back from the gym I decided to give it a go - thanks to Diana for letting me have some caraway seeds because it looks like there are caraway and sesame seeds on the outside.

For a first attempt they weren't too bad except I only had Chinese Five Spice and not ground Anise and mine needed to be cut a little thinner or cooked a little longer as they were a bit doughy compared to the crisp ones we normally eat and look a bit anaemic.

John kindly regripped my pickle-ball bat for me today - and as I had a great afternoon game-wise I think that was a positive move.  I have to send big apologies to Rosemarie who asked to follow me to Paps after playing and who I thought was in the black truck behind me but when I got to the crossroads it was not her truck and she was no-where to be seen. 

As we left Mum and Dads and made our way home (via Peyia just for a change) the sun was going down absolutely beautifully and we pulled in by SeaYous to take a photograph - it looks like we are in for more of the same tomorrow which is good news as Jane and John arrive for their holiday and Janet will be returning with her daughter to start a new life here in Droushia - it all looks so much better when the sun is shining.  I am hoping this means that spring is well and truly here and we can think about packing up the wood burner for the year and then I can give the lounge a really good clean - I think the cream curtains are probably filthy if you look at them in the cold light of day and I know that the bookcase shelves need a damn good dust.

Tea tonight was one of my favourites - salad with baked Brie and bacon bits and a couple of the guinea-fowl eggs from the bag which Eleni brought the other day.  This was washed down with a little bottle of AO now that the gaps have been filled and we appeared to have a bottle with no home - nothing else to do with it but to drink it apparently.

Finally big thanks to Mum for letting me have some buttons from her sewing box.  I have now finished the first of my hottie-wattie-bottie covers and it looks good - no scalding of the feet for me now!!!  Have started John's so should finish that in a day or so.  Far too warm this evening to need anything like that - no heating, no leccy blanket, no botties - result!!!  Note to self - we are beginning to generate too much electricity and we don't want to give any to AEK so better use more!!!

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