Sunday, 27 March 2016

Dinner with Sheila and Klaus

I am going to start this post with a photograph of the rose that I was given a week ago last Tuesday at Molos for International Women's Day.  It is as fresh as it was all those days ago and all I did was split the stem and shove it into a vase -  normally my track record with keeping cut roses is poor - they generally wilt at the neck, the bud never opens and then it falls off.

So whilst I am on the subject of flowers Dad has been able to grow some plants from the seeds of the moonflower we saw when we did our Boxing Day walk down near the King Evelthon hotel.  I have the indigenous white ones in the garden which John is not too keen on because they get leggy, I like them because they grow big, fill and space and smell fantastic!!! These however are more shrubby and boast a beautiful purple double flower.

Dad has given me four plants, one for me, one for Diana, one for Sheila and one for Elaine who I was supposed to be catching up with tomorrow but she is having her new kitchen installed so we are postponing the cat photoshoot planned so that she can identify the cats in the Amarakos colony that she looks out for.

My final flower photograph is of the crocus bulbs which Mum gave me when she did the last Tregunna/Knips/Wiseman meal on Valentine's Day.

These look like they are just about to burst into flower and when they have finished i will find a spot for them in the garden somewhere.

So enough of plants - Mum and Dad came up and we all went off to Sheila and Klaus's for a lovely lunch.  To celebrate the forthcoming English Easter we were treated to a selection of chocolate goodies presented on a pretty plate which Klaus had made himself from a gourd.   Mum was so taken by them that she asked to take them home with her!

As always we had a lovely meal although poor Klaus is suffering with his teeth and can only eat soft food and he had made such lovely crunchy roast potatoes it seemed unfair.  John wasn't complaining as he went home with a takeaway of lamb and roasties and some of the tiramasu that Klaus had made.  My turn next in April so I need to get my thinking cap on...

When we got home it was really toasty warm in the conservatory and that, combined with the full tummies and glasses of wine consumed, left some of us feeling a little bit sleepy although I don't know what Chiver's excuse is!!!

Boris on the other hand was out and about in the garden and had found a sheltered patch of sunshine on the barbeque and was making himself comfortable.  This must have been just before he consumed something that disagreed with his tummy because after that he was most definitely not himself.  I couldn't find any evidence of half eaten lizards - they are normally left under the dining table!

It was the Manchester Derby this evening and we had asked Diana and Rob to come up and watch it with us if they wanted to.  We hadn't expected Rob to come - I jokingly call him the Olympic Torch because he never goes out but he did come with Diana and although the footie was a bit disrupted (popular game and too many people trying to watch it) we had a bit of a laugh.  I have absolutely no idea why Rob is showing off his muscles at this point!

A poor footie weekend all round with Sheffield United losing, Charlton losing, ENAD losing, Yeovil Town losing and tonight Manchester City losing.

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