Saturday, 5 March 2016

Dixie time...

Friday begins, as it has done now for several weeks, with a trip to the gym.  Diana and I are missing our personal trainer as we seem to spend more time chatting than working out!!!

My routine was interrupted today when I realised that the man walking outside the gym just happened to be John Page and he and Jane were walking in Droushia this morning then coming to me this afternoon then we would all get ready and go back to the Hotel this evening where the Droushia Dixie Seven were performing.  Diana and Rob were joining us so it was going to be a good evening.

Jane had been feeling off colour so John had come on his own and was in search of the 'facilities'!!!  Anyway I stopped for a quick chat and stopped the exercise bike rather than pause it so I sort of lost count as to how I was doing on that machine but I did do the runner/walker and managed to burn off 220 calories on that thing so surely enough to enjoy my tea and biccies later.  The hotel is inundated by the AlphaMega voucher holders and as it was such a glorious day many were out on the terrace admiring the view.  Diana and I watched as one man made his way down into a field below and started foraging - my guess is that he was after asparagus which should be out now although I cannot see any in my secret spot where I usually manage to find enough for a breakfast.

On my return home the cat colony from up the road were taking full advantage of the shade from Sean and Sharon's 'barge'.  Although only 9.30 it was scorchio even here in Droushia - so very different from this time last year and maybe now this is it for the summer.  Apparently the reservoirs are only about 28% full - even less than last year.  I can see that there are going to be cuts in the summer at this rate.

Sheila and Klaus had very kindly picked up my post and called in to drop it off.  I had a very official brown envelope in amongst it all and when I opened it for a moment I thought I had collected a speeding ticket but on closer inspection realised it was my certificate to say that I had completed the basket making course at the end of last year.  They must be getting better at getting these out because I think I waited until the autumn last year and I am still waiting to see the photographs of our gourd decorating that were supposed to go on the official government web site!

John returns tomorrow so I thought I would try out our new Karcher and clean some of the windows.  This is probably a bit of a waste of time as we are due workmen here on Monday to sort out the pool and I guess if they are cutting tiles they will create a bit of a mess but hey ho at least they will be clean for a couple of days.  Who knew how much fun cleaning windows can be with one of these little beauties!!!  I got well into it although I need to point out to John that I cannot do one side of one of the lounge windows because of the fly screen thing he built which probably could be removed now as it is no longer an outside window.

John was travelling down to Yeovil today and staying over with Laura and Mark so that he had an easier trip to Bristol Airport tomorrow - I was so pleased about that as otherwise he would have to get up in the middle of the night and set off from Sheffield.  I had told a couple of his friends that he was going to be in the Masons Arms and I am so glad that Steven Wilson and Frank Stapleton managed to get over and see him.

Back here the rain on Sunday followed by almost of week of warm weather has brought out a whole load of fungi growing in the shingle outside the back door near the wood store.  We used to have a tree planted there so I am guessing there is still evidence of it being there deep down and that is what causes these things to grow.  No idea if they are poisonous and I don't want the cats to investigate to I have been removing them.  What with that and the fact that they are allowed to shoot everyday until the end of February I am glad when I have done a headcount at the end of the day and all four are indoors.

On the subject of wildlife we are going to have to get someone in as the Wasps are back and then some.  The word has obviously got around that this is an up and coming area if you are a wasp and I can see activity in the roof tiles above the spare bedroom where they were before and above the gazebo in the front garden where they definitely weren't previously.  I shall have to see how Diana gets on having her nest removed and then if it is successful see if he can do ours.

I actually sat outside for a bit today - something that now I never do!!  I actually chose to go up onto the roof terrace and then I couldn't be distracted by wasps or weeds - managed about half an hour, got too hot and gave it up!!

This evening then we went to the Droushia Heights Hotel to listen to the newly formed Droushia Dixie Seven who were playing and raising funds for a local animal charity.  The place was packed and luckily we had a table away from the band, which meant we could still talk to one another, and by the food.

Jane and John had not met Diana and Rob before but that didn't seem to be a problem and we had a really nice evening together.  Thanks to John and Jane for paying for my ticket and thanks to Rob for picking up the bar tab although we didn't go wild in the aisles on that score!

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