Saturday, 26 March 2016

ENAD Massive

This morning was spring clean morning - not something I normally look forward to as I am allergic to dust - and I am actually, even though John will say it is just an excuse. I prefer to keep my dust undisturbed so that my eyes don't stream and my nose isn't blocked.  It isn't very nice really because my inner self wants a very clean clinical home but my realistic self knows that we are destined to live with dust particularly with four cats whose fur just leaps off and covers everything.

Anyway I digress - we have bought some curtains for the conservatory and the dining room from the woman from whom we bought the Romn Blinds and John decided to change them this morning.  Charlie, on the other hand, decided to make himself comfortable in the old ones even though Chivers was desperate to disturb him!!!  It made me laugh that we would pull the curtains back exposing Charlie and he would grab them back and pull them over his head thus hiding him from the world.  You can see how pleased his is that we have found his hiding place and he is defying us to move him!!

As we were on a roll I decided to give the rugs a clean and took them out and gave them a severe beating to get rid of the dust and then I brought them back into the house.

This provided Charlie and Boris with a new playground!  Boris was having great fun hiding in the roll that is our backdoor rug and Charlie was happy to play pawsies with him so Boris would hide inside and poke his paw through one end and Charlie would try and grab it but when I came to take a photograph Boris got all Diva-esque and wanted to get close to the camera!

Why is it that a job you think will take ten minutes ends up taking forever???  The job of swapping curtains like for like should have been quick but it wasn't!  Anyway we were pleased when we finished as the new ones go so much better with the furniture that we have in the conservatory.

We want to tile the conservatory at some point or at least change the flooring from what we have at the moment - the jury is out as to what is the best thing to do but what we do need to do is stop the rain coming in from under the front door.

It is only during the winter months that we have a problem and it is easy to forget about when the rains stop but it is on John's list although whether it is on the Critical, Not so Critical or just Nice to Do is up for discussion!!

Today is the last home game for the Mighty ENAD and John and I, Rob and Diana had decided to go.  Sadly John Read could not make it but he had kindly donated his season ticket so we would only have to pay for us girlies.

Diana and I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon watching the Mighty ENAD lose comprehensively 4-1!!  It was a lovely warm afternoon and we had our cushions and our Bovril to keep us warm!!  The game was action packed and it was a shame that ENAD lost but the other team were much better.

This is a photograph of the first goal - a free kick which Diana said would end up in the top right corner and by jove she was blooming well right!!  the wall could not have been in a worse position!!!  All the other goals were goodies too so if you were an impartial observer it was fantastic but it transpires that this team needed to win to ensure that they stay up and ENAD are just mid division with nothing to win or lose - makes you wonder!!

On our return we got caught up with some sort of bike rally which kept amassing on our route home - firstly near the Karithea where we think they were about to test out the phenomenon and later further up the hill where they overtook us on a bend without knowing what was coming round the corner - madmen.

Big congratulations to the England Rugby team who won the six nations tonight and the triple crown and grand slam - does that sound like I know what I am talking about????

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