Friday, 25 March 2016


This is dedicated to the lovely friends we have that are there for us whenever we need them

John had a mystery this morning as he thought he had a stalker. He had received a text on his phone and was puzzled by the message which he decided had been sent to him by mistake.  No-one ever texts him or rings him for that matter - only if they haven't managed to get hold of me on my phone.   "Who do we know called Elizabeth?" he asked "I don't know" I replied  "text back and tell her you think she has sent the message to you by mistake!"  Once he had a text message asking what time he was going to be home for tea and he had quite a conversation with the person at the other end but it wasn't actually meant for him!!

Eventually the penny dropped - Elena's mum had revealed her little secret on Monday that despite appearances she could eat a whole box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates in one sitting if given a chance so John donated four from the box that Jane and John had given him to her and we had dropped them off yesterday for her to enjoy.  I can never remember Elena's mum's name - I know it isn't Elizabeth or at least that isn't her first name but it is something very unpronounceable in Finnish.

We went off for our regular Friday beasting in the Gym - in fact none of us were really up for it today so there was a bit of larking about and a definite lack of effort on my part.

John was practicing the very little known art of cross trainer yoga and I reckon Diana was just having a sneaking snooze on the yoga mat!

The best part of the session is the tea and biccies afterwards!!!  My excuse today is that Lisalotte and John are back at Pickleball this afternoon so I am going to have to work extra extra hard and need all my wits about me plus I am feeling the after effects of the massage yesterday and am a bit tender all over.

It was the most beautiful day today and the views from the bar area at the hotel are stunning.  We were just admiring the hills over towards Lyssos when we saw a horse on the loose running down towards Polis.  No idea who it belongs to - it seems a bit more of a thoroughbred than the one which is normally in the village.  We just hope that it doesn't come to any harm with the road nearby and traffic.

We stayed for our customary cup of lemon tea and one of the hard biscuits that we have come to love before going home and having brunch.

Now that we have the other coddlers back from Jane and John this was the brunch of choice today, coddled eggs turned out onto some toast.  Today I added the cheese twist to the eggs so that the coddler has a little cheese put in it before and after the egg.  This set us up for the remainder of the day as, it being Friday, we were having fillet steak for tea as a special treat to ourselves.

We also treated the car to a wash today down in Emba - it was absolutely filthy inside and out and it is so cheap to have your car washed in the garages here.  The car done immediately prior to ours was deemed not to have been done satisfactorily so ours was scrutinised fully - it did not stop them cleaning the inside of the windows with something that was smeary and we didn't realise until driving home into the sun.

Pickleball was exactly the work-out that I had been anticipating and whilst I rarely break into a sweat on a Tuesday I was worn out by the end of today - I take my hat off to Mum who plays with us and plays well.  Her reward was a trip to the Cafe at Tala monastery which reopened today - it is a place which we both love and the fact that they serve a rather lovely carrot cake is a bonus.  Although it was a lovely afternoon there was a bit of a chill in the air so we sat indoors.

On our way back we stopped off at the Tala Monastery Cat compound.  Apparently some idiots cut the wire fenced at the weekend and a load of the cats got out.  If I had more time and lived closer I would most definitely like to go and give some help.

Outside the perimeter fence are a whole host of cats who normally prefer to remain there - they have food and shelter and most of them are absolutely lovely.

Both Mum and I left there wondering what it is that makes people be cruel to animals - it seems so alien to us as we are huge cat lovers - hence Mum and Dad have taken Fred in and we have our four.

On our return home there was an update required on our TV Box.  We had made a suggestion to the guy who supplies them to change the TV Guide application as it was causing several of us problems.  He hadn't heard of the one which we suggested so tested it out and declared it better than anything he was using and has even credited us with the suggestion on the opening screen at the top.

This is by far the best TV Box we have had and if anyone is interested then contact me and I will give you details.

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