Monday, 28 March 2016

Monday Monday

It was a beautiful morning to walk down through the village for my Art morning with Sheila.  Spring has definitely sprung and the island's countryside is resplendent with wild flowers.  Many are recognisable as being the same in an English countryside but others are unknowns - I am not sure what this pretty purple plant is - the flowers are similar to Ragged Robin but the foliage is not and it doesnt have that distinctive geraniumy smell.

At this point I had to return back home as I realised Charlie had decided to follow me on my walk and as he has no road sense at all I didn't want him to come.  I took him back and John kept hold of him.

I walked past what we refer to the Australian's house.  When we first moved over an old gentleman lived there and he would always acknowledge us when we walked by.  We believe he has subsequently died either that or he has been moved into a home.  Every year family members return to the house from Australia for three months.  They clear the garden which is now covered with yellow weeds which are about five to six feet high.  They clear all of this and plant up the garden with vegetables and embrace a very rural existence whilst they are here.  The old thunderbox gets fully utilised - I am guessing that maybe it is the only toilet that there is at this dwelling.  It seems so amazing that they do this every year - well at least the woman does - not so sure about the man!!

As I walked past Ktima I remembered that Sheila said there were people staying there.  I took a peak through the gate and was face to face with a local cat who was staring back at me.  He or she seemed very comfortable on the chair and I am guessing that if there is anyone staying there at the moment this cat is going to be well and truly spoilt!

Ktima is a lovely little holiday development where some old buildings in the village have been very sympathetically renovated to provide five beautifully decorated 'cottages' for self catering all kitted out with wood burners for anyone staying this time of year and there is a lovely little swimming pool there too.

The only downside is that it is located right next door to the local school so quite possibly at times it can be a little noisy and of course the local children have a massive fascination for swimming pools so they have been known to go and help themselves sometimes.
I needed to go in to the Droushia Heights Hotel en route to change Diana and Rob's meal reservation.  They are taking advantage of the Alpha Mega voucher scheme and staying over tomorrow night and they have asked us to join them for dinner.  Originally we said we would go for a drink after they had eaten but then decided it would be nice to spend the evening with them.

The Hotel is taking advantage of the beautiful wild flowers too and have them dotted around the hotel.  I like the hessian sacks that they use to display them.  Kelly seems to think they came from Ikea - they are a great way of hiding an ordinary boring pot and I would like to find some to cover up some of my pots outside now that we are getting ready to sort the garden out after the disruption from the pool project.

John is about to give the tiling the once over using his critical eye and then when he is happy we can get the white goods installed and the water added and then it will be ready for our first visitor Debra who is coming in May.  I seem to think she has only been in the early spring before so there will be a lot more places open to take her this time.  Checking back the last time was February 2014!

Having missed Art last week because it was Green Monday it was good to get back to my picture which I guess is about two thirds completed as the reflection of the little boy will not need to be so precise as the boy himself.  This is a cute little picture and I shall have to ask my friend Marie if she will be kind enough to cut me a suitable mount before I frame it.  Sheila asked me what I was planning to do next and that is a good point - I haven't looked for anything yet so will need to get my thinking cap on and take a look.  Green Monday has given me the idea of doing something with Kites!

We were back belly dancing this evening after a break of two weeks, one sadly for a funeral and the other for Green Monday.

Apparently we are approaching a lunar eclipse and the moon is looking enormous this evening even though it is not quite full or at least doesn't appear to be.

The moon was accompanied by quite a stunning sunset as I could see the sun slipping away as I went to pick up Diana.  It was a hard session at BD this evening although Sofi makes it look so effortless and the introduction of resistance bands took it to a whole new level.  I know that I will be paying for it tomorrow when I crawl out of bed and make my way to the gym!!!  No pain no gain apparently.

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