Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Birthday

So today it is my Birthday and all plans went out of the window when we had to stay at home and wait for the tiler to come and rectify the tiles that had been laid that we were not happy about.  We only knew that he was going to arrive in the morning so by 11.40 John was practically apoplectic!  When he did arrive he did not seem very happy but there was a major communication issue which did not help and he seemed to set about things like a bull in a chine shop we we had tiny shards of our glass mosaic tiles shooting about all over the place.  I had to calm John down and tell him to let the guy get on with the job and see what it looked like at the end.  The final straw for John was when the tiler realised he had no grout and it was a Wednesday afternoon when everything is shut - luckily Julia's DIY Container was still open and she let the guy have a bag of grout.  Eventually John calmed down when the guy had cleaned up after himself and we took a look at what he had done and he had done a pretty good job.  We realise that the pool will never be perfect as the walls aren't square but we think that now it is as good as it is every going to be and we are pleased.  Just the remainder of the white goods to be fitted and grouted in and then the water to be delivered and we are in business at long last - it has been a real trial but we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I had some lovely cards - it always amazes me the people that remember and take the time to send a card in this very digital age but I love them all, physical or virtual!  We spent a lazy half an hour opening the cards and presents before getting up early in anticipation of the Tiler!

There was a definite theme to my gifts this year - a lot of colouring and a lot of cats with an odd chocolate or two thrown in!!  and I was to have more later in the day when we went down to Emba to meet up with Mum and Dad before going to our favourite restaurant Gabors for dinner with John and Jane and their holiday guest Mike who we have known for years .

At one point during the day we did not think we would get down early to Mum and Dads to catch up with them before the others arrived but the Tiler pulled his finger out and got the job done to our satisfaction in time  for us to have a quick shower and get off.  I was quids in this year as Mum had forgotten she had already bought me some boots in the sale for my birthday so these just got added to all the other things that she put in my gift bag.  They had got me some ornaments for the garden and some bulbs to be planted when we sort out the borders around the pool and the boots and a scarf and some smellies!!!  I also had some fantastic gifts from Jane and John, a beautiful hanging star candle holder for my birthday and a beautiful orchid as a thank-you for organising her birthday surprise.  I was a very spoiled girl!

There is a now a new Tea for Two venue in town as Costas and Jackie have opened a very plush new cafe/restaurant directly below Gabors where the old Japanese restaurant used to be - Mum and Dad had sampled it on Tuesday and said how lovely it was - we are meeting up with Costas and Jackie next week so will be able to hear all about it.

We had a lovely meal as we always do at Gabors, sadly the lovely waitress that has been there for years did not return this time after the winter break and will not be returning due to some issue or other at home.  We missed her as she was such a live wire and served us so well - let's hope it is nothing serious that is keeping her in her homeland and we wish her all the very best.

I have to say that the restaurant really did me proud for my birthday - they brought me the most fabulously crafted pudding with Happy Birthday Jill made out of chocolate and then gave me a gift box which included a little leather case for holding business cards, a pen and a key-ring

It was a lovely end to what had been a rather stressful day - good food and good company - maybe a little too much vino.

Thank you Mum and Dad for treating

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