Wednesday, 9 March 2016

School, Ladies Lunch, Pool Tiling finished

Another very early start this morning as today the 'Team' was made up of the tiler and the grouter.  The pool was to be grouted and then the pathetically laid tiles which surround the pool are to be lifted and then relaid.

Just to show how badly the patio tiles were laid the one in the picture was 'pinged' up and voila no adhesive whatsoever on the tile - clean, clean as a whistle.  At least it made sure that they could be easily put back down so no worries about whether or not we would have to shoot down to Paphos to get some more.

We were pleased that Zinadine Zidane approved of our tile choice - because we don't envisage any issues now unlike when the cowboy came and moaned about the tiles telling us that all tiles in Cyprus were seconds and none of them were square which is apparenly why he couldn't lay them straight.

We are still uncertain as to how they propose to clean off the tiles they did not have to lift but apparently someone is coming back next week sometime to do that job.

Even though whilst they are working there is stuff everywhere they do take time to clean up after themselves which is a bonus - but they are men after all so I like to go round when they are gone!!!

We did have a small issue this morning which meant I couldn't go to Greek school at Kaponas Grill House because we wanted to get it sorted out.  We needed to find an email regarding the original project contract as we were expecting the sand changed in the filter for glass beads.  Somehow it seemed to have got missed in the annals of time but eventually I managed to find the original email and we got it sorted.

I left them tiling and grouting and John overseeing - it is a critical time so John wants to make sure it all goes to plan and will therefore forego the boys lunch at Fitos today.  I was meeting the girlies at the Droushia Heights for this month's Ladies Lunch.   I had provided the 'Team' with biccies and coffee including a reasonably looking Metreo.

I took my new camera with me - John kindly brought me back a new 'point and shoot' Canon PowerShot SX60HS which I am getting to grips with.  Today the weather is strange - apparently there is yet another dust cloud enveloping the island.  It was warm but windy - I think it is the last warm day for the weekend which is such a shame after all the organisation that has gone into Jane's birthday celebrations.

It was a good turn out for the ladies lunch and as always the hotel did us proud - it is so nice to have Kelly and Marianna keeping up the Cypriot side - it would be nice to have a few more of the local ladies come along but maybe when we have had more lessons with Eleni at Kaponas we will feel more confident about asking them.

I returned to find that the 'Team' had kept to their word and finished their bit of the project today - the pool is tiled and grouted and the steps have been made good and we even got the tiler to put the strips we had cut from the surrounding tiles on the step edges.  The surrounding tiles have been rectified and now they need to settle and be cleaned.

Next the white goods will be installed, sand will be changed in the filter, water delivered and it will be FINISHED.  It is looking a little bit nicer than the swimming pool did originally way back when we first purchased the property!!  This was our original liner which was then swapped for a mosaic style liner which is what we got rid of and back in those days the conservatory wasn't there either - it is good to be able to look back at the pictures to remind ourselves exactly how much we have achieved over the years.

We were down for a quiet evening - I had my list to hand so that I could put down everything I could think of to take with us tomorrow when we go to the Yurts and set up Number 1 yurt as a dining room for Jane.  I am stressed to the max because the one thing I cannot control is the weather and it isn't forecast to be good.

I said I wouldn't do a party again after Mum and Dad's diamond wedding but I just couldn't help myself.  Diana is coming with us tomorrow - originally we had thought John would be overseeing the 'Team' so I needed reinforcements.

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