Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Tuesday - the day before my birthday

I had great plans for today but they went out of the window because we were expecting the tiles to be cleaned and for the men to arrive early.  John stayed at home whilst Diana and I went to the gym - with rather less enthusiasm than we have when your gym-buddy John is there.  The highlight is sitting outside in March with a nice cup of lemon tea and a biscuit!!

Being confined to barracks waiting for workmen is tedious so I took the opportunity to start the signs that the Brewery have asked me to make as they often get visitors wandering round aimlessly and pitching up in places where they should not be.  In order to make them as 'permanent' as they can be I have opted to burn the lettering into the wood.  This is time consuming and smelly and can give me a bit of a headache so it is slowly slowly siga siga.

The previous lot of cowboys who came to do the pool were so messy and never cleared up after the concrete had been poured which left my doors in a right old state.  It seemed a good idea today as it was dry and we had to be at home to tackle cleaning them whilst John tackled cleaning the tiles which surround the pool so that all that was left was the mosiac tiles that needed cleaning.

John returned from the UK with some special plastic scrapers and they are excellent.  With a bit of elbow grease and some care not to go too mad and spoil the surface I managed to get most of it off - it will need a second go but I am feeling happier about it now.

The men did eventually come to clean off the tiles - and generally it is looking pretty good although on close inspection there are some poorly laid tiles and cracked tiles which are going to need to be rectified before we are entirely happy.  Both John and I will be so glad when this is completed and we can move on to the next job whatever that might be.

Whilst we were in the garden we could hear a little voice over the wall - Seanio was taking their friends' dog for a walk - what a fantastic view behind him - little doggie is lodging with them for a while and keeping them both fit into the bargain!!!

Out tonight to Molos as a treat and forgot to put a card in my camera - DUH

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