Friday, 29 April 2016


We started our day as we have done since the New Year by visiting the gym.  Diana and I must consider ourselves lucky to have our own personal trainer on tap but he holds no prisoners so we are not allowed to slack.

As we girlies gently meander through our routines John sounds like he is smashing some sort of world record with his reps - I am not entirely sure his idea of visiting the gym matches our idea of visiting the gym - personally I like to go for the  tea and biccies afterwards but I am guessing that really isn't the point!!!  Still I am somewhat amazed that I am still going twice a week - I know that the day I look at the clock and turn over in bed and go back to sleep that will be the end!!!

The hotel is decorated in readiness for Orthodox Easter which is at the end of April, Easter Sunday being May 1st.  It is a bit of a sad day because we understand that today will be Kelly's last day at the hotel.  We have known her since we first purchased our house and the hotel administered the rental agreement on it.  She was the mainstay of the reception then and to many is/was the mainstay of the hotel reception now.  She will be missed although we will undoubtedly continue to see her in and around the village.  Her home is our landmark in the village when we are trying to tell people how to find our house.

The weather is glorious and now we are complaining it is too hot to sit out on the terrace to take our lemon tea and we are preferring to sit inside.  It doesn't take long for us to move from Winter into full-on Summer, we get a very short spring and a very short autumn in these parts!

We were off down to Paphos this afternoon.  I have now got to an age where I am unable to remember what we need to do so have to rely on my trusty notepad which is sadly coming to an end.  It was a Christmas present from Mum and without it many more 'discussions' would occur between John and I as to why we had gone all the way to Paphos and not remembered to do what we had gone for!

We had the barbeque to pick up having been serviced.  We had the mirror glass to pick up which has been cut to replace what shattered the other week.  We had some sort of clips to pick up to replace broken ones on our shutters, we wanted to go to the stone shop and order the plaque to go on the wall.  We had a few other bits and pieces to pick up if we had the time (and the money) and then John was going to play badminton and I had arranged with Mum that we would take Dad to Tala Monastery for a cuppa and a slice of cake.

I have been to the cafe at the Monastery on many occasions but shamefully have not been into the grounds before now so I left Mum and Dad to go and get the drinks in and to find a nice seat and I wandered up and through the gates to see what lay behind.  I was amazed by the beautiful tranquil space that greeted me.  I did a little exploring but decided that this was somewhere that John and I should visit together as it was so beautiful.  We had a lovely cup of tea and Mum and I shared a lovely piece of Carrot Cake before tootling off back to Emba to wait for John to return from badders and then we had a quick turn round because we were meeting Lou and H in Fitos's for a spot of early supper.

Fitos did not disappoint although we were a tad worried when we drove past on our way home from Mum's and it was shut but realised that Joanna and Fitos were probably attending the funeral we had driven past in Kathikas.  They returned to open up at 6.00 and Lou and H arrived soon afterwards.

We had a lovely evening, good food, good company and a very good wine in the carafe of rose which Louise and I shared - no idea what it was but it was very drinkable!   We were also treated to a pretty awesome sunset to round off a very good day. 

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