Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sunday at the Magic Garden

Today we were being treated to Sunday lunch out at the Magic Garden with Mum and Dad so we only had a short amount of time this morning to do things in our own garden.

We have studiously checked the weather forecast and the coptic storm charts to make sure that we have no more gales forecast because we normally have a warm spell and decide to put up the gazebo covers and then spend an afternoon trying to keep the gazebos in the garden and not flying away.    It looks as though we are now in luck as the weather is set fair for the foreseeable future - this is all good news as it is only just over two weeks until Debra arrives.

The gazebo cover on the decking outside the guest bedroom finishes off that particular area so it is all ready and waiting for her to enjoy some early morning sunshine and then some afternoon shade.

This is where we have been looking for some new chairs but as yet have not been able to find what we want but there is no rush and I have given the existing chairs a scrub with some bleach and they have come up pretty well.

It was an absolutely glorious day and very very warm and our pool looked so inviting that I thought I would go in.  We dispensed with the thermometer some time ago so I have absolutely no idea what temperature the water is at but generally we never even think about dipping our toes in until May at the earliest but I reckon you get too stuck on the temperature and not how you feel - let's just say I didn't feel anything because I was numb!!!

There was a little job I wanted to do before we left to meet up with Mum and Dad and that was to refurbish my trusty pouffe!!  Some time ago Sharon knitted me a great cover for the pouffe but over the months and years it has begun to look tired and so I thought I would use the knitted wrap thing I made previously and cover it - it looks ok I think and the pouffe lives to fight another day!!

We had a fabulous lunch at the Magic Garden - it was incredibly hot today so we were very grateful for the shade although the sun crept round and caught me and that, combined with the rather nice bottle of rose wine that Dad and I shared, contrived to give me a headache later on in the afternoon but it was a small price to pay!

Dad and I had a very nice starter of deep fried camembert with a fruity compote and a side salad, John opted for spare ribs and Mum declined as she rarely eats a three course meal.  My starter was lovely - I could have eaten more but then I wouldn't have been able to eat my main course and a sweet!

For our mains Mum plumped for chicken and pineapple, Dad had rabbit, John had a fillet steak and I opted for slow cooked shine of beef which was absolutely melt in your mouth delicious - these were served with chips and some very beautiful green beans - I don't normally like them that much but they were fab.

We all had a pudding - I had creme brulee but Mum, Dad and John all had the home-made apple pie with home-made ginger ice cream.

This was washed down with a fine bottle of chilled Tsangarides Rose wine for Dad and I, Mum and John shared a bottle of water as they were drives today.

MMMMMM MMMMMM a really nice way to spend a Sunday and the surroundings are lovely - the garden is beautiful and full of fabulous plants and flowers.  Dad is going to give them one of the purple moon-flowers that he is nurturing.

Needless to say we didn't do a great deal when we got home which gave John the opportunity to watch a couple of the premier league games this afternoon.  I checked the inside of my eyelids for pin holes but couldn't find any!

John wants to be 'up and at em' tomorrow and back on the garden project so we had a right old lazy evening and then a relatively early night.  What a lovely day.

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