Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tuesday - no pickleball...

There is an issue in the hall where we currently play pickleball so today I had no game but we had a number of things we wanted to get sorted beforehand so it was good to have a bit of extra time.  First and foremost I needed to get tax certificates from the bank so that I can get our tax returns back on time.  It was a bit of a shock to see that we now have a new bank manager.  We have got used to the previous one who was a really nice bloke and quite happy to sign all our various forms and bits of paper.  I am sure that the new one will be just as nice we just don't know him yet.  Anyway before we left for Polis we noticed that in the doorway of one of the houses across the way wasps are beginning to build themselves a new nest.   John is hopeful that it might be our unwelcome visitors who were nesting in the roof void above the spare bedroom.

On our way back from Polis we bumped into John Read and did a very Cypriot thing of having a chat car to car on a road junction!  Anyway Susan was home so we decided to call in on our way back to catch up as we haven't seen them for a while - now that they no longer come up on a Thursday to feed the cats they have no reason to call in.

Susan is getting ready for visitors  - her son and his girlfriend are coming over ad then Susan's dad and his partner and at the same time some friends are pitching up and Susan is struggling to work out how she can keep them all happy - an impossible task!

Anyway whilst we were there the weather was pretty good and at this time of the year John and Susan's garden looks really lovely.  We stopped for a quick cup of coffee and a catch up and then went on our way back home - having left John and Susan's house bathed in sunset we could see that the weather was deteriorating so it was no surprise that when we got down the road near the Karithea that the heavens opened and it suddenly became as black as your hat and the heavens opened.  We had wind and rain and hail stones and when we got back home we sat in the car for a while until it eased off enough for us top get the shopping into the house.  We have to keep remembering that it is only April and we should expect some bad weather for a little while longer yet.

We have our fingers crossed that the forecast is accurate as Rob and Diana have friends (three couples) arriving tomorrow for just a week and I know that they will be keen to showcase our corner of the island to them - this is difficult to do when it is peeing down!!!  It is forecast to be back to normal on Thursday which is good because one of their friends is celebrating his birthday on that day and we have arranged to go to the Brewery for the day and sit outside.

John and I went down to Paphos and took the opportunity to look for some new garden chairs to sit on the decking outside the guest bedroom.  The chairs which we have there have definitely seen much better days so with all the work we are doing we want to put two nice, comfortable and practical chairs there but unfortunately everything we see that we like seems to be part of a set and they wont split.  I have seen exactly what I like on a website for a company which works out of the Northern (occupied) side of the island so I doubt I could get them across.

Whilst John was playing badminton Mum and I went off to the Mall to pick up a few bits from Jumbos and, as John wants to buy me a nice watch for our wedding anniversary to look for one of those too.

I actually saw two that I was quite keen on - sadly the fashion appears to be for overly large faced watches that do nothing for me.  I currently wear a rectangular watch which has two faces and shows the time for Cyprus and the UK - I bought it years ago in Kuala Lumpur and it has never let me down and it cost next to nothing.

Anyway I took some photographs for John to have a look and to see if he had a preference and then one day when we have a bit of time we can go together and check them out.

Chili for tea tonight - and it was absolutely delicious with enough left over so we can have it again tomorrow which is great.  Trying really hard not to waste food and to budget and cook accordingly - John would say I have taken it to a new level as the fridge looks bare!

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