Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A long walk well rewarded

Today the weather is exactly what we would expect for this time of year after the wet and cool conditions of the last week so a quiet day around the house was in order as we were going to walk to Fitos' later this afternoon with Diana and Rob for an early tea - early only because the walk can take an hour or so depending on how much we admired the surroundings and then once full with a Fitos meal we would have to walk back bearing in mind that it gets dark by about 7.30-8.00!!

The lazy day for Debra meant catching some rays at long last - although sensibly taking it easy and limiting it to small doses because the combination of clear skies and a bit of a wind can cause people to burn without realising.  The sunbeds have at last got some use and the breeze 'up top' was quite welcome.  I joined her for a while but my poorly throat isn't too good and I can feel it beginning to move down onto my chest so I keep getting an annoying tickly cough when I lie down.  I really shouldn't complain as this is only the second cold I have had here in five years.

The lazy day for John meant keeping out of the sun now that it has become hot and stumbling upon one of his favourite films on the TV - The Cruel Sea - classic.  Snorkers for Tea?  Good-oh!  Apparently this film is required viewing when you are on board ship and if you dress up for the part then that is even better.  John had nothing to dress up in but I did offer to chuck a bucket of water over him at regular intervals so that he could get a more realistic experience - strangely he declined.

For me it was a chance to fiddle about in the garden and do a bit a dead-heading and clearing up where some of the plants are now past their best.  John doesn't like it now that the Californian poppies have got leggy but they are still providing some colour so I am loathe to pull them out.  I was pleased to see that the cactus which my neighbour Galatia gave me is in flower again - this is the second time this year.  It takes quite a while for the flower to emerge and then it has been and done in a day!

We set off at 4.00pm on our trek to Fitos.  It was rather warmer than we had anticipated it was going to be so we were a bit hot and sticky when we eventually arrived at our destination about an hour and twenty minutes later.  Everyone agreed it was a lovely walk and on minor roads we weren't troubled by too much traffic except as we approached Arodes when we had obviously hit rush hour!

Rob rewarded his efforts with a legendary Fitos pork chop - he is a man who clearly has hollow legs, hollow arms and a hollow body because his appetite is fantastic!!!  We all had a lovely meal and sat outside in the setting sun enjoying the company and the ambiance.  Although the remainder of Fitos seemed to be populated by half of Droushia we failed to find anyone who fancied giving us a lift home and the stunningly beautiful sunset reminded us that with an hour and twenty minutes or so walk back we would well be doing it in the dark.

It was dark by the time we got home but we didn't really mind - we had all enjoyed ourselves and that was all that mattered.

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