Monday, 16 May 2016

Chasing the Sun

The morning started beautifully - clear blue skies and the weather station showing temperatures in the upper 20s but sadly that was not to last in Droushia and by lunchtime there was a bank of cloud sitting over our house so whilst we had scheduled in a day at home we decided to chase the sun and go down to Latchi for lunch and a walk.

John's new sunglasses are providing me with an opportunity to take photographs of our surrounding from a different viewpoint and this is what it looks like outside Molos on the Harbour.  It was warm and sunny there and we had a very pleasant lunch sitting outside watching the world go by.  John shot off to do some shopping and arranged to meet us at the Polis campsite after we had walked along the coast path.

The harbour looks as beautiful as ever with all the lovely boats moored alongside and now all the shops are open Latchi is such a different place - in the winter it is so dead and looks sad and depressing.

We had a look in 'Roberts' which I now see is called something else and apart from a bit of a move round of stock is essentially the same as it has always been.  Debra managed to pick up a couple of little gifts in there and as we are not sure whether she will get that opportunity again it was a tick in the box.

We walked down towards the campsite and marveled at the work being done to provide breakwaters along the coast.  It is going to be a big operation and they have a lot of heavy machinery working on it at the moment.

We found John patiently waiting for us at the beach-bar at the picnic site.  As we tend to frequent this area out of season we haven't actually even sat down and had a drink there.  It was pretty popular today - quite a lot of what appears to be holidaymakers making the most of the sun.

Debra was brave enough to test the water and declared that it was 'ok' but didn't rush to go any further than  her ankles! Once we had downed our milkshakes it was back home for a snooze before getting ready for supper but not before we had supped a couple of sundowners on the roof terrace.

Bit of excitement over Supper when Chivers brought in a 'gift' to lay at John's feet under the dining table.  The 'gift' was still alive and moving around - initially we thought it was a shrew or a small mouse but on closer inspection it turned out to be an Oleander Hawk Moth which John managed to catch and liberate so it will live to fly another day...

Bit of a bugger I have developed a really sore throat - normally this precedes a cold - no sign of a cold as yet but the throat is annoying have dug out the SNIPS and have fingers crossed.

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