Saturday, 14 May 2016

Day One of Debra's Visit

The opportunity to blog when we have a visitor or visitors is limited so I will grab the opportunity whilst I can but the entries may be short and sweet.

Debra's arrival has heralded an improvement in the weather - she must have brought the sun with her from the UK and it was decent enough to sit outside for breakfast - many many thanks to Elena for her eggs which when scrambled sat nicely on top of the Marks and Sparks crumpets she brought us.

Debra was keen to re-acquaint herself with our garden - she says it has changed enormously since she was here two years ago - not least because then we did not have a Bassam wall around the perimeter.  The roof terrace has also been created and, hopefully, if the weather continues to improve she will be able to take advantage of the sunbeds up there at some point.  Today the wind was still a little too keen.

We opted for a lazy day around the house but then went off for a walk around the village before ending up at Finnikas's taverna for a pre-ordered meze.

We passed a rather freaky looking doll impaled on a stone outside Maria's cheese factory and then further up some cheese swaying in the wind encased in what appeared to be 30 denier stockings!!! Now there is a traditional way of making cheese and the complete opposite to the clean and modern building which houses Maria's cheese factory and the freaky doll!

We stopped at O Stathmos for a couple of pre-meze drinkies and to enjoy the evening sunshine - as usual by this time of the day the wind had dropped and it was pretty pleasant sat outside.

It proved just a bit too cold to sit outside in the courtyard garden at Finnikas.  Marina excelled herself this evening with one of the nicest meze meals I have had in a long time - probably because there was nothing I didn't like amongst the dishes and in the end we had to tell her ARKETA (enough).

It seemed rude to walk home and not call into the hotel by which time things were getting a bit hazy having consumed one of the world's largest gins in O Stathmos (it is pictured on the left before any tonic had been put in) - this was followed by a couple of bottles of wine in Finnikas and rounded off with a brandy in the hotel - don't think anyone is going be be getting up very early tomorrow morning!

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