Monday, 9 May 2016

Easter Monday

It being a Bank Holiday today we decided to be radical and spend it together so no art for me this morning.  We had planned to go out for the day but our jobs list isn't getting any shorter and our visitor arrives on Friday plus the weather was odd with the threat of rain so we decided to spend the time at home.

Our neighbour Sean has his brother saying with him at the moment and they had invited John to join them in  around of golf but as tempting as that was John remained adamant that we were going to spend the day together and get more jobs ticked off!

We were tackling the last stage of the barbeque - everything that had not been tiled has been filled and sanded ready for painting and that meant all the awkward places so John spent quite a bit of time balancing on the wall but eventually Dionysos is complete and ready to be used in earnest or anger not sure which!!  We just need some more settled weather than we are experiencing at the moment - we even had a smattering of rain this afternoon although it didn't really come to anything much.

It would appear that we now have a headless cat!!!  Boris spends so much time chasing the lizards, skinks and geckos that we only get to see his backside.  He, out of all our cats, seems to have shed his winter coat and is looking quite lean.  He was my little 'helper' in the front garden this afternoon getting in the way whilst I was trying to clear and clean and reorganise!

It is a good time of year for the gardens - everything has sprung to life and still looks fresh - it will only be a few weeks and then things begin to look tired and we have noticed that when we drive out and about now the landscape is quickly turning brown.

We worked hard in the garden today and I managed to find a home for and plant up the plant which Bassam gave me this morning after I had popped in to see Elena before she returns to Nicosia and hospital - she will go armed with the magazines that Mum managed to find for her.

We were going out this evening too support the Taverna up the road which was having live music.  We managed to escape the house without any followers.  Big-Foot has been moved and is right next door to the Skrimmers house.  She had managed to drag her retaining rock halfway across the field so that she could now wander across the road at liberty!  She is either pregnant or bloated from her diet - not sure which!

We were joined at Kaponas Grill House by our neighbour Sean and his brother Vinnie and later on by David and Edda from across the road.  The food and music were due to start at 8.00pm - this was clearly a Cypriot estimation of time because at 8.00pm there were only a few of us assembled on tables even though it was laid out for many many more.

The singer, who was very good, was sporting a rather weird black bin liner like ensemble which we reckon was to make her sweat and lose weight whilst she sang!

She clearly got the crowd going with Gregori's father cutting a dashing figure as he danced the night away.

By about 10.00pm the place was heaving and we were tucked nicely away inside having a right old laugh and one or two glasses of our favourite wine.  I know I will pay for this tomorrow!!!  I have absolutely no idea what time we walked home but the party was still in full swing and at this point they were doing the dance which involves burning lots of pieces of paper.  No health and safety concerns here!!!

It was a good night and it was good to see the taverna full and people enjoying themselves.  We were rather glad that we were walking some distance away as if you were living in the vicinity you were in for a long night as there still seemed to be fire crackers in evidence and will probably remain so for a few days yet.

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