Saturday, 7 May 2016

Easter Saturday - a day at home

Now that is what you call a lemon!!!  Mum gave me a carrier bag full yesterday and as we may have a visit from Diana and Rob later John said I should be able to offer a home made cake as Diana had recently sent me home with a boxful of chocolate non-diary brownie type cakes for John.

This one lemon was far and away bigger than anything required for the recipe I found for a moist lemon cake in fact my recipe for lemon pickle asks for 350g or 7 lemons and only one lemon here weighs more than 350g!!!

We have a lemon tree planted in the garden - it has now been in about 5 years and we are desperate for it to bare our own fruit but each year it seems to produce plenty of blossom and then.....
....nothing!!  but this year we are feeling a bit more positive because although the tree looks like it has seen better days we do have a few little fruits appearing and hopefully if we are lucky we will get some lemons of our own.

It was a lovely day and I wanted to get some washing out.  Last night Lou-Lou gave me some 'fur-catchers' which she had purchased to try and get dog hairs out of her and H's clothes when they are being washed .  She said they were rubbish and gave them to me as cat toys.  I thought I would try them and yes, she is right, they are rubbish and so they will be confined to cat toys as she had predicted!!

I have been nominated to post a series of nature related photographs on the internet.  I was out busy sweeping the pathway to our house with camera in hand ready to take something interesting - I thought it would be something like a bee-eater on the wires but went across the road to the lantana which is a plant which attracts hordes of butterflies and bees.  I caught something feeding from the flowers - not entirely sure what it is but think it was some sort of bee with very long legs and a very long nose!

I could hear Boris crying and tracked him down to the kitchen window where he had spotted one of those locust like massive grasshoppers sitting on the guttering which he was desperate to catch.

I managed to distract him and get the beastie to fly away and bored with the whole exercise Boris took himself off to the decked area and made himself comfortable on one of the chairs and remained there for most of the afternoon - until his stomach reminded him that he needed to eat once again!

John was hoping to watch the Army Navy rugby game and found out it was on Sky Sports 2 and to keep the wolf from the door I knocked up some breakfast muffins which turned out pretty well as I have to ensure that they is no 'snot' on eggs as this traumatised John when he was in the Navy!!

Big big thanks to Diana who fought her way round Paps on a Bank Holiday weekend and picked up the few bits I wanted whilst she was there.

It was really lovely to have her and Rob around for a cuppa and a piece of cake and to catch up on what has been occurring since we saw them last.

John and Rob like to discuss their respective DIY projects and the trials and tribulations of owning a Cypriot built property which is nothing like the build you expect in the UK.  Rob refers to our place as the Secret Garden and, even though it is only small, manages to get lost or lose his bearings when he is here - we are pleased that they will be able to join us next weekend when we go to the Last Castle with Debra and Mum and Dad for lunch.

The remainder of the day was relatively quiet for us.  We had thought about walking up into the village to see what was happening for Easter but knew that the majority of the celebrations would not take place until about Midnight with the lighting of the bonfire.

We opted for a nice meal (one of mum's pasty pies) with a class of wine and some weekend TV.  The current series of Line of Duty has had me gripped and I just had to watch the final episode even though that meant we didn't go to bed until the wee small hours but it was worth it!

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