Saturday, 21 May 2016

Feeling poorly...

The island is in the grips of an horrendous Saharan Sand Coptic Storm thing so it is very very hot, very very humid and the skies are laden with sand.  This does not help when you have a summer cold and a summer cold that has got to its peak of drippiness.  I could quite happily have slept on this morning but did not because (a) we had organised the fourth village clean up and as organisers we feel duty bound to go and (b) John told me to man-up as fresh air would be good for me.  If the air had been fresh I could not have argued but it was probably a health hazard in itself.

Still I did get up and we assembled at Kaponas Grill House where Eleni had laid on a typical Cypriot breakfast for anyone wishing to partake.  Fresh cucumber, tomato, olives, halloumi and salami and hot hard boiled eggs with fresh bread, butter and home made mespilla jam.

I have lost my sense of taste but really felt bad that she had gone to so much trouble so John and I had a plateful and thankfully Diana had some when she arrived too - then the family came into the Taverna so think they probably polished off anything that was left.

It really was hot today, hot and sticky so an early start was in order - we were off an on the road litter picking just after 8.30am with newbie Edda joining us.

John and I had a vested interest in this clean as it was all around the roads which surround where we live and so that was why John was keen that I put in an appearance as it had been my choice to do that area.  We left Kaponas and walked towards the cheese-factory where we normally get our cheese which reminded me that Diana wants to share a pot next time we get some.  We then turned left and worked our way down the hill with our estate on the left, turning left at Andreas's house (admiring his lovely new little puppy as we did) and then worked our way back into the village.

The area at the end of the new road by our estate where there is a lay-by frequented by the local youths for an underage smoke or two is pretty grotty and we had seen one lad the night before looking for something in his car and emptying it of all sorts of crap so it was good that we would be passing by that way and clearing it up even if it is for only one day.

We had chosen a route so that we could get rid of our bags as we went so we didn't need to ask Marianna to get the bin-men to do an extra trip on Monday.  Although we are only outside Ktima at this point happily there wasn't an awful lot more rubbish between there and our final destination of Despina's coffee shop even though we added in an extra loop around the Church.

I was glad when we got to Despina's as I was feeling quite feverish by then - the sultry weather didn't help and I had been a good girl and worn a hat for the duration (which I never do) so my hair was all sweaty and stuck to my scalp and I felt like I had been punched in the face as my sinuses were aching.

John came back and jumped straight into the outside shower for the first time this year and from there into the pool which he declared to be lovely - I took his word for it and thought it would be reckless of me to try it under the circumstances opting for the inside one instead.

John suggested that we have a rest and then mooch down to Latchi harbour and have a walk by the sea where the air might be fresher and see what was happening at the fish festival.  I was in two minds but it was far too muggy sitting around at home - it just made my poor nose even worse and my claminess even clamier if that makes sense so the thought of some fresher air was appealing and we weren't going to stop for long plus i didn't need to spend time in close proximity to anyone to pass this on.

We had had a great time at the festival last year spending it with Lou and H and Daniella and had it been held last weekend as it was originally advertised Lou and H could have made it but this year no such luck.

We had thought it was on from 10.00 - 3.00 but it was actually 12.00 - 3.00 so got in just as the fish was being served - not the best looking fish I have ever seen but apparently this ugly bugger was the sweetest tasting (maybe John it was because it was free along with the salad, bread and beer!!)

There was all sorts happening at the harbour, local produce being sold like Maria's cheese from our village and local wine, loukamades, honey etc etc and traditional entertainment but it was so very hot and I was feeling pretty done in by then so we went home where John caught up on the Invictus Games and I dosed myself up and had a sleep.

Our evening was taken up with the Eurovision Song Contest and its shock result of the Ukrainian win due to the popular fan vote - a political backlash as the song was dross!  Still all good fun as our online forum allowed people from all over the place to join in with the banter for as long as they managed to stay awake!

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