Friday, 20 May 2016

Goodbye Debra...

So we have come to Debra's last day - in fact it is just a morning as she has to be at the airport around lunchtime and with the increased security checks going on they are asking people to arrive in very good time to ensure they get through without problem.  This is probably not such an issue on a Friday morning but certainly on Wednesday's and Sunday's there have been complaints about how passengers have been treated.  Plus we were going back to playing pickleball after an enforced break due to the floor being relayed and with an increase in our rent we have to make sure we cover the sessions to cover the rent.

Debra wanted to get some lunch before travelling as food is expensive at the airport and sometimes EasyJet runs out of food so we decided that we would travel down to Mum and Dad's and I would stay there so I could go with Mum to pickleball to ensure we had the numbers and John would take Debra to the airport and call into Bona Mare so she could grab some lunch. Under normal circumstances we would have both gone with her but what with the pickleball thing and the fact that my cold has now come out to its most snottiest and Debra cannot afford to catch it because her father is currently undergoing chemo it seemed sensible for me to stay behind.

John managed to get her to Bona Mare in time for Debra to have some lunch before her flight and we subsequently heard from her that on this return leg she had managed to keep her hand luggage with her and not be forced to put it in the hold as she (any many other passengers) had been made to on the way over.

As I said my cold was at its worst so I struggled a bit at PB not least because we haven't played for a few weeks and having had a visitor my exercise regime has gone out of the window along with any sensible eating.  Tom had joined us this Friday but he had a bit of a funny turn getting very hot and sweaty and shaky so went home pretty quickly.  It was good to be back though even if I felt like shite!  Because of that I didn't go anywhere with Mum afterwards - to be fair I didn't want to pass my bugs onto anyone else.

John finished badminton and we shot back home - we were due out with the ENAD Massive supporters and I was in too minds as to whether or not to go but I thought if I could grab a quick sleep beforehand I might feel a bit better - I got a quick half hour and I am not sure it did a whole lot of good but I really wanted to go.

I grabbed some gladrags, troweled on some slap, washed my hair twice because I couldn't have rinsed it properly the first time or I got so clammy I looked awful and off we went.

Diana and Rob were picking us up and we walked down to the end of the estate to wait for them - directly opposite in the field was BigFoot making the most of the vegetation.  She looks in pretty good condition despite her massive hoof and whoever owns her is moving her around to make sure she gets plenty to eat and making sure she has water in a container she doesn't kick over so it could be worse.

I felt shocking but sat at the end of the table so as not to pass on my bugs to anyone else.  It was great to get together with the Massive and their wives and Susan's Dad and his partner as honorary Massives but it wasn't the best meal or service we have experienced at Finnikas in Polis which was a bit of a shame.

BTW I can confirm Debra got home safe and sound.

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