Monday, 23 May 2016

Monday - back to normal ...

This week begins and we are back to normal in terms of the fact that I am off to Art this morning and John is going to check on our neighbours pools as he would normally do if we don't have a visitor.  Lou and H were pooch pampering up in Droushia early so we had offered them breakfast beforehand so it was coffee and crumpets before they eventually managed to ascertain where they were supposed to be going. All a bit haphazard but they got there in the end and met up with Chrysoula and her little dog Fiona.

The estate is a hive of activity at the moment as the owners of 2b are having renovations done and major ones by the look of things.  I think they said that they were having the kitchen refurb'd but it looks like it is more than that.  John says that the wooden outside steps which lead up to the top bedroom are being replaced and we heard what sounded like shuttering being done.  Still it is nice to see another house being done up.

Not so much dust in the atmosphere today so the walk into the village was pleasant and I was pleased to see that no litter had returned overnight as this was the route we cleaned on Sunday - it will only be a matter of time I guess but at least for now it is clean and tidy.

The village is looking really pretty and there are quite a number of tourists around - most of them were sitting outside the coffee shop as I got round the corner.  The only cars to pass me were red-plated signifying that they are hire cars.  It just seems a shame that there is no designated 'centre' to the village and nowhere particular for people to park so that they can stop and wander around.

I had a welcoming committee when I arrived at Sheila's - her feral cat colony were all sitting outside the front door enjoying a bit a shade and keeping out of the way of Lou and H who had finished at Chrysoula's and were now tackling Benji and Charlie.

Benji was being groomed first and was clearly really enjoying the experience.  By the time it was Charlie's turn I had got stuck into my picture and forgot to get a photograph of him.

On the subject of my picture I am pleased to say that I have finished my picture of the Ballerina which is going to Sofi our belly dancing teacher.  I was going to take it to her later today but Diana text to say that our lesson had been cancelled as Sofi had to get back to Paphos early this evening.  I can't say I am too bothered as it is hot and sticky and I am still recovering from my cold so can feel hot and sticky without any help at all at the moment.  Still it is getting better and hopefully if Elena does come out from Oncology in Nicosia today I will be able to get to see her as I wont have anything I can pass on to her.

I had my new picture already chosen - I want to do a picture of footballers for Elena's son Rabia (a) because it is his birthday soon-ish (b) because he loves football and Messi in particular and (c) because he thinks I should become an artist!

Early days on this one and I am struggling with the eyes because it is only a small picture and it can be hard to work in detail with the pencils when the picture is small but we will see how it goes - this is supposed to be a picture of the back of Messi being man-hugged by another player!!  I have a couple of months so if it all goes pear-shaped at my next session I could start again.

Sheila is doing an acrylic study of a kitten and doesn't seem to be enjoying it - she prefers pastel pencils but at least she tries a different medium now and again!  Between the two of us we were a bit huffy puffy as we struggled with our subject matter!

As usual Klaus produced a lovely lunch which makes the huffing and puffing all worthwhile and we will see both him and Sheila later this week when we go out to celebrate Mum's birthday.

Back home and John had been really busy renovating the steamer chairs which we had bought as a silver anniversary present to ourselves.  We knew they needed some TLC but didn't realise that the grey discoloration is the natural way that teak weathers and so with a bit of elbox grease, the sander and some stain they could be brought back to something like they should look.  We are happy if they still have an aged appearance anyway as that will be more in keeping with the rest of the garden.  These are eventually going to be located outside the guest bedroom and we have a couple of cushions to go on them but I may try and find some better material and see if I can't cover them.

It was hot and sticky this evening - Mum rang to say they had a drop of rain in Paphos but nothing here.  We had a text from Elena to say she was on her way back to Droushia but not before she had been to M&S and got some crumpets for John bless her.

It was such a beautiful evening that we sat on the roof terrace for a while with a shandy in hand watching the world go by - there are worse places to be.

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