Thursday, 12 May 2016

No no no no no no no no sunshine Vicar

I dedicate this post to the rain which came today and never stopped and which was accompanied by heavy wind and hail.  Now John and I are seriously worried about our plans for Debra's trip because we didn't make any wet-weather contingencies and at this rate it is going to be colder than when she has been in February!

I had packed away the towels which we use to stem the flood that comes in under the front door because I had thought they would no longer be required particularly as John intends to tile the conservatory and raise the front door - how wrong could I be and I had to hastily find them out again.

We had also taken away the pipe that was attached to the water butt and which took excess water away down the footpath because John is planning on redoing that as well and again we didn't think it would be needed now - what is it they say about the best laid plans of Mice and Men?

We had earmarked today as our final cleaning day and had left the windows to the last minute because of the weather - John did battle on and clean them as best he could and we shut the shutters to keep the rain out but they will probably look as bad as they did before.

I have revised the bedding and reintroduced a rug on the floor and we have treated the light fitting to some super white LED bulbs so with the shutters shut it looks quite warm and inviting or at least I hope so.  Just need to ensure that the cats are kept out at least until Debra arrives.

We were going down to Emba this evening - Mum was having an early birthday celebration and we were going for an early pre-theatre meal followed by a trip to Stage One for all four of us.

We had been to Elena's earlier in search of the missing bunny but had failed to find it but had noticed that some windows had blown wide open and the rain was coming in that direction so John was determined to try and close them or at least push them to...

So here we both are trying to decide what we should wear in case the theatre was chilly and knowing that there is no parking close by... Kagool thingy would not be my coat of choice but needs must in these circumstances!!!

So this was the outside temperature when we left Droushia this afternoon a heady 12 degrees and about 20 degrees cooler than we have been experiencing - by anyone's standards this is not warm.

It was absolutely bucketing down and there was a rolling mist coming in as we left for Elena's for a second time armed with John's window cleaning extendible brush as it was the longest thing he could find to help reach to push the windows inwards.  He was so pleased that he managed to close them up enough to prevent more rain getting in but we weren't so pleased that missing bunny is still missing - Elena says not to worry as they two of them have been known to take it in turns to go AWOL but the weather has been so horrible we would have been happier to have known where it was.

We had a very successful evening which started with an early evening meal at Mum and Dad's local taverna in Emba called To Steki Tou Thanasi.  We all had a good meal and it was easy to walk from there down to the theatre as there is no parking nearby.

Mum and I had been to the theatre previously when they had reenacted a couple of episodes of the Vicar of Dibley to good reviews and so it wasn't so hard to persuade Dad and John to accompany us this time.

It must have been good because it had both Dad and John laughing and the time seemed to fly by.  By the end of the performance it was nearly 10.00pm and we all agreed that for amateurs they had put on a pretty good show.

John and I are going to go back and look at the original TV episodes to see how faithfully they kept to the script - I think they were pretty close!

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