Thursday, 19 May 2016

TTakkas and Molos

My cold continues sadly, but it will not stop us enjoying the remainder of Debra's holiday - today is her last full day.  Our insect collection is growing as David Cameron PM (preying-mantis) has come to visit.  He was dangerously close to the edge of the pool and mindful of my fall the other day I left him to his own devices and told John to keep an eye on him.  David Cameron's future in all respects is fraught with difficulties that's for sure.

There was great excitement in Villa 10b this morning when with a little help from my neighbour Sharon the delivery man from TNT managed to find our house and deliver a parcel which John has been waiting for with great anticipation.

Our Peugeot car can legally carry 7 people if you have the additional seats which fit into the boot.  We often go out as a six and if would be nice to only take one car so we scoured Ebay and found one of the additional seats for sale at a very reasonable price including the delivery to our house.  We ordered it and waited but didn't realise that we hadn't supplied our home phone number so they couldn't delivery - it all got sorted and once supplied the item only took four days to get directly to our house.  It was in good condition and the right seat and fitted although we will have to put the smallest person in that seat because it is a bit of a tight squeeze still needs must and all that and as John says when we come to sell the car it will be more attractive as it has the proper additional seat and is now a proper 6 seater - who knows if we ever find the other additional seat at a good price we can turn it into a proper 7 seater!! - Anyone got one they want to get rid of???

Today Debra and I were having some time at the beach - John is not a beach lover even though he is quite partial to Ttakkas as it has a taverna and plenty of shade but he decided not to come which was probably wise as he would have been asking whether we were ready to go a bit like a child keeps asking 'are we there yet' when you have only just set off on your journey.

Ttakkas was lovely - lots of nice new sunbeds which were comfortable.  The sea was quite chilly though so I only managed to get in as far as my ankles!!!  I used to be someone who sunbathed at every opportunity but now I cling to the shade - so glad that we had the brolly because I made full use of it!  Plus I managed to read one whole book whilst we were out and I haven't done that for years shamefully!

On our way back from the beach we stopped in Latchi so that Debra could pick up a few little gifts to get into her hand luggage.  They have started to plant up and make pretty for the tourists and I was intrigued by a plant that I have never seen before and which John thinks looks like toucan beaks. I am hoping someone can identify it for me so I can look it up to see if it will survive up in Droushia because I thought it was beautiful.

So for Debra's last evening we had decided to go to Molos on Latchi Harbour as we have always had a good meal there and we had invited Lou and H to join us.  It was a perfect evening and we were so pleased that we could sit outside for the duration without feeling cold.  I thought I might as my limbs were glowing from the afternoon on the beach.

So Debra's visit is almost over - just tomorrow morning before we get her back to the airport - a week just flies by.

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