Friday, 3 June 2016

25 years of Tea for Two...

It was a beautiful morning when I set off down the village to pick up Mrs V for our regular Friday gym trip.  John was not coming as he had things he needed to do for the conservatory before we went down to Paphos.  We are hopeful that Bassam will return tomorrow and that the project can be more or less completed.  Anyway back to the weather - the forecast is for storms which seems impossible with a cloudless blue sky like this but believe it or not there were storms on the island today which resulted in snow on the Troodos!  Someone posted a video of it on the internet!!

It is  joy to be living in the countryside - I never want to take my surroundings for granted - we have to remind ourselves that people pay an awful lot of money to experience this for one or two weeks' holiday and we have it every day even when it is pee-ing down with rain and the mists are rolling through.  We are coming to the end of the lovely fresh green vista and it will soon be replaced with brown fields and then inevitably fires.

So I digress - Friday is gym morning and Diana and I were good girls in John's absence and did our work out.  We think it is paying off - I certainly think Diana looks like she has lost weight and some exercise has to be better than nothing!!  I let Diana loose with the camera as I am so rarely in a photograph - just wanted to prove that I was there - bed-head and all!!

We then shot off down to Paphos to pick up Mum and Dad and to go to Tea for Two on the Tombs of the Kings Road to celebrate (a) their 25th Wedding Anniversary which was today and (b) the fact that they opened their first Tea for Two 25 years ago - although it was located next door to where it is now.

We believe that Mum and Dad may well have been their first customers all those years ago and they have been friends ever since.  So big congratulations to Jackie and Costas and may you enjoy many many more!

I must also thank Costas for being kind enough to donate two €10 vouchers for raffle prizes for Elaine's Mad Catters Tea Party in June.  I have done good - I managed to get Louise to donate a dog groom and the Droushia Heights an overnight stay as well as these vouchers!

This little celebration was followed by an hour and a half of extreme pickleball - I was absolutely exhausted - how John then goes and does another couple of hours of badminton I have no idea.  Let's just say it was about as much as I could do to get tea and then I sloped off for an early night.

Good news Elena is back from Nicosia and wielding a bag FULL of crumpets.

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