Monday, 27 June 2016

Bank Holiday - WLB

It is a bank holiday today in Cyprus - the island celebrates the Great Flood known as Kataklysmos and it is a day to avoid driving through the village as you may well get a balloon filled with water lobbed at your car!

We have taken it upon ourselves to help Louise and H to achieve a better work life balance WLB so we persuaded them to meet us at the beach today once we had emerged from our bed after the long and tiring day we had yesterday.

Louise almost managed to observe the Bank Holiday - just one dog done at their house this morning and only a couple of phone calls during the day - You ain't nothing but a hound-dog ringing in your ear as you are dozing in the sunshine can prove to be less than relaxing!!!

We had arranged to spend the day at Takkas Bay and have a spot of lunch at the beach side taverna - it is also a great spot for snorkeling and there is plenty of shade for John who doesn't do sunbathing.  However Lou and H arrived before we did and said it was chocker so we opted to go to Latchi and chose a spot in the quiet bit the port side of Yialos.

Sadly we were entertained by the water planes that had been called into action because of the horrendous fires that are ravaging the island.  The latest big one which has unfortunately claimed lives is somewhere up in the Troodos.  It is sad and scary and reinforcements have had to be called in to cope with what is proving to be a very dangerous situation.

We chose to eat at Yialos as we could walk along the waters edge to get there.  It has been extended considerably since we first started going there and although it is a beautiful spot it has lost a little of its charm as a result but you cannot beat the view whilst you are eating and to be fair my chicken kebab and haloumi on a plate was fine.

Lunch over and done with and snoozes done and dusted we went back into the sea the Giolou-Droushia Synchonised Swimming Trio...  Not sure we are going to win any prizes for artistic merit or even technical merit come to that!  By the time we went back in you can see that the wind had got up and it was quite choppy but so lovely and cooling.

John opted to snorkel - he said he saw a couple of fish but this stretch of the coastline is probably not the best for seeing aquatic life.  Another snooze so we dried off and then we declared our Bank Holiday over and went our separate ways home for a swill off and a lazy evening - before I left John screaming at the TV and the England squad run by Woy of the Wovers

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