Thursday, 9 June 2016

Early Birthday for Sean

John had a busy morning this morning down with John and Susan helping with the building of their new carport to accommodate either the truck or the car - not sure which - John thought he would only be needed for an hour or so but it turned out to be more like three or four and by the time I picked him up his shoulders were suffering a bit from the exposure to the sun.  John doesn't do sun and is very careful - lesson learned - take a T-Shirt with you.

I went off to Polis with a long 'todo' list which included taking the dress that I have bought for our Silver Wedding party to be altered.  I have taken it to Anastasia Theocharous who featured in this blog when she first opened.  Not only does she do very good and very reasonably priced alterations but she is a designer and pretty talented by the looks of the drawings and sketches around her workshop.  She is also an artist and has some of her pictures displayed at the Polis Exhibit Centre.

Anyway two pins later she said that she would be able to sort out my dress even though the neckline would be tricky and it would be ready in a few days and would cost €10-15 depending on how difficult the neckline proved to be - BARGAIN!!

It was hot and muggy down in Polis and on my travels with the windows open I could hear a really awful noise - it sounded like a cat that had been injured and was screaming or a child in agony.  I stopped the car and looked around but couldn't see anything but the noise was getting louder and louder.

I eventually realised that the shrieks were coming from a chicken that this guy had held by the feet.  Apparently this chicken makes a regular bid for freedom and the man was rescuing it and bringing it back.

Maybe this chicken could answer the age old question as to why the chicken crossed the road - who knows?  It was exceptionally vocal when apparently if you carry a chicken by the legs like that it is supposed to calm it down - it clearly had not worked in this case.

Last stop for me after tea and cake with Eva at C&A apartments (who sent me off with cake for John and some stewed fresh apricots) was Paps to buy the ingredients for the meal I was doing tonight for Sean and Sharon.  It is Sean's birthday tomorrow and they are going out with friends so we invited them round tonight.  I was keen to do something special for Sharon because I am conscious that as a vegetarian she gets much less choice or thought that goes into her food.  I had decided that everything, except the lemon pepper chicken skewers for Sean, should be suitable for a vegetarian.  Then I should get my Brownie bag for vegetarians like I got my Brownie badge for vegans when I cooked for Georgia.

When I got back home John was up to his ears and eyes in dust as he is grinding down the paving slabs that lead to the front door because they have got so dirty and stained and will look so much nicer back to their original state.

He had his earplugs in thank goodness but I don't know where his facemask has gone because he really should have been wearing it.

Inside the conservatory I found Charlie-Boy sleeping - oblivious of the noise and dust John was creating.  I have clearly made my craft storage box far too comfortable as he has claimed it as his own and when he vacates Boris usually jumps up into the space.  We aren't really moaning because we much prefer to have them round the house and know where they are even if everything we own is covered in cat hairs.

I have finished the sign that we are giving Sean for his birthday even though I said no more to burning wood!  Sean keeps saying he is going to build an outside bar so this is for that when he has built it.

We got everything ready and had time for a sit down before our guests arrived.  It was going to be a lovely evening which was good news as we had decided to eat outside.  John had all the boys with him enjoying the decking and the new steamer chairs.

So we had a lovely evening - the weather was perfect and I hope the food was too.  We had salad and dips, homemade coleslaw, jacket potatoes, garlic bread, lemon pepper chicken, homemade barbeque sauce (mum's recipe), savoury stuffed red peppers and ravioli with cheese, lemon and mint

I did not make the puddings - I must admit that I cannot compete with the fantastic selection of cakes and fancies that you can buy at the supermarket and for such a reasonable price.

I know that Sharon enjoys a good pud and this evening Sean got first dibs and said what he had was good.

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