Friday, 10 June 2016


Fridays start with a trip to the gym and this week was no exception.  Not such a clear day today as yesterday but very hot and very muggy - not good for a trip down to Emba and a mammoth pickleball session which is followed by badminton for John!

The views across to the bay were very hazy from the terrace of the Droushia Heights.  We sat there for our reward of lemon tea and a biccie after our workout.  

We were all pretty hot and sweaty today - not that we had worked extra hard but because of the raised levels of humidity!

After my visit to the gym I went and picked up Amoura who needed to go to Neo Chorio and as Elena was otherwise engaged having an appointment with some blood and some chemo I said I would take her.  

The hotel being constructed above Latchi seems to be being worked on again although we have heard rumours that an investor had backed out.  I hope it gets finished and doesn't sit like a massive white elephant on the skyline.  They started to build something on the old carpark in Latchi that got so far and has just sat there looking like a right old eyesore.

There is quite a bit of hustle and bustle about Latchi and there was a lot of activity on the water this morning.  The great thing about Latchi is that there is just so much beach that it never feels packed even in the height of the season.  The breakwaters further along towards the campsite are still being constructed but that doesn't seem to be affecting anyone much and once they are finished it will be great for bathers.

We set off for Paphos - it was extremely hot and sticky - the temperature gauge in the car was in the 30s so we decided we deserved a Chino - although we were good and shared one.  Nothing quite hits the spot like a bit of Chino brainfreeze when it is baking hot outside!

Mum was feeling well enough to join us for PB today and apart from the missing-key saga (fortunately Marios was already inside the hall) we had a really good session.  Some of our games lasted ages and some of the shots made and returned were unbelievable.  I take my hat off to Mum who keeps up with the pace and tricks us all with some of her dinky spinning shots.  The other John says is makes his day to see Mum's face when she hits the winner and leaves us all stumped!  Her style of play adds a different dynamic altogether.

We left John to play his badminton and Mum and I went off for a mooch as we normally do after PB.  Dad didn't want to come even though we were planning on a drink at the Tala Monastery Cafe.

En route we stopped at a shop which is closing down and has 50% off the stock so that we could pick up a few things like kitchen cleaner and limescale remover which worked out so much cheaper with the discount.

Across the road is a garage.  It is adopting a novel way of jacking up a car which need repairing!  Health and safety clearly does not apply in these parts.

We set off for Tala Monastery.  We like it there as it is always peaceful and seems to have a little micro-climate all to itself and if you have visitors it is a lovely place to walk around and then you can come back to the cafe and have a really relaxing drink under the trees - the food looks pretty good too and reasonably priced.

It wasn't overly busy so we got ourselves a nice little table in the shade so that we could enjoy our drinks and our share of a piece of cherry crumble cake.  We opted for a lemon and mint drink which was really nice and refreshing and the crumble cake pretty good too.

I had a cooking reprieve tonight as we were eating at Finnikas in the village and it was a perfect evening to be sitting outside in the courtyard - our meal was excellent - tonight one of the dishes we had was Moussaka - never had Marina's before and it was excellent.  I took her a moonflower - and she proudly showed me the Arf I gave her last year - growing strong and being propped up by an old broom handle!

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