Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sunday at the Secret Garden...

So today we grouted - or rather John and Bassam grouted - and fearing that they would not have enough got Julia to open the DIY place in Arodes on a Sunday specially for one bag of grout!  Somehow I can't quite imagine B&Q giving the same service so thanks very much Julia!  Thanks too Bassam for coming and completing when you probably have a million other more important things to be doing.  Some hard work this morning meant that the job bar cleaning (which may take days) is done and we can begin to get the house back to some sort of semblance of order.

I love it - the conservatory looks bigger and cleaner and a much more permanent room joining the two buildings together.  It is probably the best money we have spent on the house as we use it every day and my €9.00 rug under the coffee table looks great - not the best colour for the winter but ok for now.

We managed to get square before going to pick up Sheila and Klaus for Sunday Lunch.  Today is Mum's turn and she decided she would rather we all go to the Magic Garden in Mesa Chorio than her cook but we had to try and keep it as a bit of a surprise for Sheila and Klaus as it was to be Mum and Dad's treat.

It was a beautiful day - we had worried that it might have rained as forecast.  It was just idyllic in the garden and although we want to ensure that the venue survives were rather glad to have it to ourselves as it felt so personal and exclusive!

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday - lovely company, lovely location and lovely food.  John and I had the best steak and kidney pie you could ever want to eat anywhere.  The only trouble is we managed to consume two large carafes of wine at lunchtime in the sun which did me in!!!

We will be back soon - it is such a unique place to go and eat - the gardens are lovely and we went home armed with cuttings.  Mum and Dad went the other week and took them one of the purple moon-flowers which they have proudly planted in the garden and which is blooming.

We made it home in time to get sorted before Lou and H came round so that H would watch the rugby with John.  Lou and I sat up on the roof to enjoy the remainder of the sunshine.  I apologise for flagging - it had been a very busy couple of days but so worth it.

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