Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday - Louise and Martyn get married

So a very very busy day helping Elena at the wedding of Louise and Martyn.  We first met Louise when we hired her to sing at a family gathering we held at Orexi HQ and she sang at Mum and Dad's Diamond Wedding Anniversary.  It was the hottest day of the year so far - very very hot and very very windy at their home where it was all taking place so we struggled for shade and we struggled to keep drinks cool and all anyone wanted for the first couple of hours was iced water!!!

It was not surprising then that Louise's arrival at the ceremony was a musical one as she sang Skyfall from the upstairs balcony before coming downstairs and singing as she walked through the crowd and throughout the day there was music all round finishing with Davey Woodford entertaining the guests.

Anyway as I never want to give too much away about people's weddings on my blog because it is, after all, their own personal day and I am absolutely knackered after what was a long hot day so I shall keep this brief and leave you with a few snaps of the day - taken from a distance as I was manning the bar!!!

The happy couple

The final photographs are of the sky this evening- the first was taken at about 5.00pm - another huge fire was raging nearby around Marathounda and the smoke had filled the sky turning it a strange colour.

A couple of hours later the Moon rose and the atmospherics caused it to look exactly like the sun - weird.

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