Tuesday, 28 June 2016


John said that as I had posted a picture of Diana in the gym the other week where it looked like she had either expired or was taking a crafty 40 winks he was going to get me and as I collapsed on the bench after a rather strenuous round of situps in soaring temperatures he was true to his word and he got me!!!  Our exercise was somewhat curtailed today because of the weather and although we do plan to continue we are going to be sensible as there is little point killing ourselves when all we are supposed to be doing is getting a bit fitter.

The anticipated heatwave is with us and even in Droushia the thermometer is rising although fortunately the humidity is remaining low.  We were off to Emba this afternoon for more sport so had a quite couple of hours at home in the cool (relative cool) of the lounge before setting off.

Charlie suddenly appeared at the window - he is a little out of sorts at the moment but I think it is only the sudden increase in temperature.  I hope that is all it is - he is a bit off his food - not eating anything like as much as he would normally and he is looking almost svelte for him.  John does keep giving him a good grooming and we get handsful of fur out of him each time so I guess he is going to look thinner after all that.  He is the one that spends the most amount of time around the house and loves to be with us - hence he is staring in at the window wanting to be included in whatever it is that we are doing.  Bless his little face and his permanently perplexed expression.

My Mum had her dress rehearsal today for the fashion show she is appearing in on Saturday and which we will go and see before setting off for the airport to pick up Dickie and Sarah who are staying in Latchi for a week.  So looking forward to catching up with them again - can't believe it has been a year since they were here last with their son.

Anyway it was too hot for Mum to practice with all her changes of clothes but I am sure she will be fine and look amazing as she normally does.  She said the other ladies weren't overly friendly which is a bit of a shame but sometimes here people get set in their own little cliques and don't want or need anyone else to join it for whatever reason.

Mum and I went off to the Mall whilst John was at badminton - I had a few things I needed in Jumbos and Tiger and then we sat down for an afternoon cuppa - no cake as there were none of the nice pain au raisin left - just as well I suppose but you can't beat a good old pain au raisin with a cup of tea!

John finished early - too hot and too many people and he said he started to play like a donkey so time to go!!

Tea tonight was one of our favourites - we could eat salad all the time but everything is so fresh now and I have to thank Stacey for the lovely home grown organic tomatoes and spring onions which were amongst the vegetables she gave me the other day.

I also had some village halloumi left from the kilo which Diana and I shared and having soaked it for several days it was light and fluffy and absolutely delicious - chucked in the pan with some leftover chorizo and smokey bacon - heaven.

John came over all arty with his meal - he had the addition of a jacket potato and did something very Jackson Pollock with his sweet chilli sauce and salad cream!

Feeling pleasantly full and with a little glass of vino in hand we settled down for an evening of The Tunnel which we are really hooked on.  So glad there is a Season Two as we will feel bereft when this one finishes.

It was a special Strawberry Moon tonight - summer solstice and full moon occurring on the same day.  How on earth can we be at the shortest day already?  It was a still and clear night thank goodness - pleased to report that all fires in this area are out but the massive one in the Troodos is still being fought and some firefighters have lost their lives - it was started by someone playing with a lighter and now a vast vast area of beautiful pine forest has been decimated.  Tragic.

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