Friday, 29 July 2016

Back to normality...

Even with no cats to wake me this morning I still woke up in time to watch the sun rising over the mountains towards Lyssos.  Still quite cloudy which is a bit unusual for July.  John also woke but we put the aircon on and grabbed another couple of hours before getting up for breakfast.  We were amazed to look at the amount of food that people balance precariously onto their plates - do they think that the kitchen will not be replenishing the stocks?  I was still quite full from the previous night's meal so limited myself to a little cooked and some fresh fruit - as did John!

Anyway we enjoyed a leisurely morning before going down to Polis and C&A holiday apartments to pick up John's Mum and Stepdad so that they could spend the afternoon with us.

We had planned for them to come and have a swim, relax and then eat at Fitos later this evening.

Janet and Hadge are really happy at C&A and we are really really happy that we found this place and count ourselves very lucky that the family who run it treat us like family too.

Although right in the centre of town it is a quiet haven of peacefulness - it is so clearly family run and a family home with lots of nice little touches here and there including some of my wooden signs which are looking better now that I have redone the wording so that they can be read from a distance and when the sun is shining!

John's mum braved our pool - and I say braved because shortly after this photograph was taken the clouds started massing over our house and they were big black ones and for a couple of seconds we actually had some spots of rain!!

This looks like Janet and Hadge are about to sing for their supper - in fact Janet has already started!!!  We had a lovely meal for which we have to thank them very much.  I cannot believe we had salad and dips and pate and toast to start, Janet and Hadge had village chicken, John had pork chop and I had pork, chicken souvlaki and sheftalia on a plate followed by orange cake and melon, coffee and liquers/brandy washed down with two bottles of wine and a large bottle of water for under €60!!

Strange skies tonight, slightly stormy for a while although that soon blew threw to reveal a huge moon which was full either last night or the night before.

We are leaving the outlaws to their own devices tomorrow and then meeting up with them in the evening for a meal at C&A apartments - at long last we are going to sample some of their bbq meat!

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