Friday, 1 July 2016

Brexit Gloom

So we woke this morning to the shock news that the UK had voted to leave the EU.  I am guessing that this was a shock to most people irrespective of how they had voted and it certainly seemed to be a shock to the local Cypriots in the village when we talked to them about it.

There is now going to be a period of some uncertainty as things pan out and for John and I there could be some far reaching consequences in the future.  We don't know whether as non-EU residents in Cyprus the residency criteria might change and then if we were not to qualify we could have to leave which is a bit of a bugger as we would have nowhere to go.  We don't know whether in the future our old age pension would be affected - certainly ex-pats who have retired to some non-EU countries do not have the right to the annual pension increments even though they will have contributed all their lives and would qualify if they chose to live elsewhere!  If the pound does struggle then that will affect us too as our pensions are paid in sterling and we have then to transfer the money over.  I worry, John outwardly does not, we have worked so hard to get where we are today but we are never in the right place at the right time - I could site many occasions where we dipped out, went in at the wrong time or got out at the wrong time but we have picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off and started all over again - I just don't want to have to do it again.  So anyone coming to visit us and wondering what to bring pack some valium, a crystal ball and the winning lottery ticket please.

and breath.....

So apart from the hiatus caused by the news this morning it was an ordinary Friday and that meant Gym and with the soaring temperatures that meant short and focused work but that short and focused work was rewarded with a plate of cold sweet ripe water-melon thanks to Andri who was on breakfast duty and we were very very grateful indeed.

 I don't know who does the floral arrangements in the hotel.  They always look stunning even though they are very simply done.  Today there was a single frangipani bloom in a glass of water with some tiny pebbles inside.  Easy but effective.  If I had done that it would have looked like I had run out of flowers and was making do!!!

After gym we went up to collect our bumper load of post - all sorts of parcels including a massive one from John's Mum which included all sorts of goodies mainly for my Mum.

It was in the Post Office or at least the cafe where we pick up our post where we were engaged in a conversation about the Brexit by the locals who were really quite upset at the outcome - we also had a phone call from our neighbours George and Pam from London to check that we were ok which was really kind of them.  No doubt we will have an in-depth conversation with them about the situation when they come out on holiday in a few weeks' time.  It will be good to see them and their daughter Louise, son in law Malcolm and the girls - can't believe it was two years' ago!

It was exceptionally sticky at pickleball this afternoon - not so much hot as sticky because of the very high humidity and I really sweated today (nice - not).  Thank goodness I was going for a haircut afterwards but I really felt for my lovely hairdresser Lumi having to get close to me after a mega PB session.  She was gracious as always but I think I was rather smelly!  Good to get the hair cut right off round my neck though and it will have a couple of weeks to settle down before the do - it always looks better about a couple of weeks in.

We had a quick turn-round when we got home as we were meeting up with Lou and H and Mina and Claire for supper at Fitos in Kathikas.  John got home and dived straight into the pool where he was 'buzzed' by a super large dragonfly - the like of which I have not seen round our pool before.  We have had the smaller ones but this was about the length of my hand.  Don't know if anyone recognises which sort it is?  I believe it is what is called a Southern Migrant Hawker but not sure.  Whatever it was it was beautiful.

We were a hot, tired, sweaty lot that assembled this evening for our meal at Fitos.  Excellent as always we struggled to keep conversation going as we all felt like nodding off!  Claire and Mina have an open day on Monday at their new Hounds on Holiday and we are going to be helping out - Lou will be demo dog grooming and selling her cooling products and helping too.  This was a pre-event briefing!

Always a fabulous sunset from Fitos and tonight was no exception.  Home at a reasonable time - busy day tomorrow as we have an airport run.  Matthew and Sarah arrive and we have shopping to do for them.

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