Friday, 15 July 2016

Friday - ENAD do...

Our Friday morning starts with our trip to the gym as usual although I have to admit it is getting a bit hot still I am amazed that this is now more than six months in and we have only missed a couple of mornings - this is something of a record!!

The hotel is busier now and in full-on tourist mode with regular Saturday and Thursday night music.  They always decorate the hotel really nicely - the current theme is seaside and I love the way they have distressed some old village chairs and draped with a good old wooden stick and fish decoration from Jumbos.  It looks really good!

Our hard work was rewarded by the lovely Andri who we see on Friday mornings.  She brought us some fresh melon for our trouble and it was very welcome.  Nothing nicer than fresh ripe and cold melon after a hot and sticky work-out.

It was going to be a busy day today - down to Emba for pickleball and badminton and then a quick turn round because we were going to the Annual ENAD Supporters Summer Bash at La Plage and wanted to get down there just after 6.00pm to get our table before the food was served at 7.00pm
We stopped off to check for post - the cafe where our post box resides is having something of a makeover and the post has been moved to a dresser in the corner.

We are beginning to see the influence of Marina and Phillipos's children on the establishment and it is all positive so far.

Who knew that there were toilets at the back of this room?  It used to look like the black hole of Calcutta but now something has been changed and you can look right through.  Phillipos has also added lots of local handicraft products - many of which he makes himself and joy of joys (as far as John is concerned) there is an ice-cream fridge!

As I said small steps but positive ones - it would be really nice to have a taverna that looks open and is open and produces nice freshly cooked traditional food regularly rather than us having to go in in advance to check that they will be open - something a little like Fitos in Kathikas would be brilliant.  Having said that we have always had a good meal at Finnikas.

It was extremely hot and sticky playing Pickleball - fortunately we had six today - John Clements has returned from Thailand so we had John, John and John playing and with six two get a chance to sit out each game for a little rest.   My John managed to go on and play badminton but finished early partly because we needed to get home and partly because of the heat.

So this evening then John and I, Di and Rob, Lou and H, John and Susan went to La Plage for the ENAD do and what a great night we had.  The food was exceptional for a buffet - there was a fantastic salad spread and the hot food was excellent - everyone said what good food it was bearing in mind they were catering for the masses - so well done to Haris at La Plage on that one.

The musical entertainment was from an Elvis Tribute, a Cher/Tina Turner tribute and a Blues Brothers tribute - and they managed to get us all up and dancing!  Elvis sang Neil Diamond and I think Tina Turner or Turner Tina as H called her was better than Cher and I thought the Blues Brothers were best of all.

So glad we got a taxi home - we all could have a little drinkie and then get home safe and sound although we will have to be up early tomorrow to get the car back - agreed a really really good night!

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