Friday, 29 July 2016

Friday - this is definitely Friday's post Diana Veasey!!!

Ok so we are almost back to normal except that having had a late night last night we didn't go to the gym this morning - we will go Tuesday because I need to get back in the swing - too much to eat over the last couple of weeks and three lots of visitors coming up means that my waistline is expanding!  Still we were going to pickleball and badminton this afternoon so not all bad!  This morning gave us the opportunity to have a real good look at the gifts we had been given on Tuesday.

I am gutted that I cannot work out who gave us a couple of the things which we received and for that I apologise.  So I hope I haven't offended anyone by sending out a global thank you.  Clearly much thought and effort went into finding us something a little different and something we would treasure like the drinks tray from Paul, Elaine and Hadeel and the wooden heart made from an old Cyprus door from Claire and Mina and we had beautiful hanging hearts, candles, chocolates, wine, an overnight stay at the Droushia Heights, vouchers for meals and money from our respective parents which we are planning on spending on something special for the garden.

My flowers from Mum and Dad are beautiful and it amazes me how well roses here last in a vase although I am not quite expecting the longevity of the rose which we got at Molos for my birthday.

The hydrangea heads from Diana's garden, although fading, still look beautiful on the mantelpiece where they added an authentic vintage feel to the party.  I need to find some artificial ones which look as good and dress that area permanently - only trouble is I think that nice ones would be a bit expensive!  I shall keep a look out and hope that Jumbos comes up trumps!!

We went down to Emba this afternoon via Coral Bay as I had something to pick up from the Let's Get Crafty shop down there.  I picked up a timetable of the workshops that they have on offer because you never know when you might fancy doing something different in the winter or have a visitor who doesn't want to sunbathe all day!

Mum and I treated ourselves to some peace and quiet and a drink and share of a piece of carrot cake at Tala Monastery after our pickleball session.  Next week will be the last before the summer break and we will restart in September.  It was pretty hot and sticky there today but we still managed to play for nearly two hours and John went on and played badminton afterwards (just shifting last night's pork chop and making room for tonight's bbq I guess!).

We had a quick shower before going down to Polis where we witnessed possibly the best bit of parking we have seen for a while.  This Merc was abandoned in the middle of the road on a junction!!!  No sign of the occupant and no-one batting an eyelid as they circumnavigated the vehicle!!

So drinkies on the terrace outside good old Number 5 before we walked through to have a superb meal with the family and the rest of the resident diners - such a unique experience to be included in that environment - we feel so privileged and we have to thank Chris, Eva, Andreas, Nitsa and Charoula and all the other members of the family for making us so welcome and for their generosity.

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