Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Good Samaritan

Doing the blog every day can be quite hard work when nothing much happens or I am not expecting much to happen as we are now in a routine which is fairly unchanged week on week.  Today apart from working through John's list for TD (the 'Do') I had arranged to meet Marianne Benton who had sorted out some goodies for the charity shop Mum works in - What's New Pussycat in Kissonerga.  Meeting at Fitos' we had planned to go in for a coffee afterwards but although the doors were open and we could hear music we couldn't actually find anyone working!

Whilst we were stood in the carpark chatting two young tourists pitched up on a moped and were desperate for a petrol station as the warning light was blinking.  They were about equidistant from three stations but all some way away either back to Peyia, across to Stoumbi or down to Polis.  They were from Holland and a really nice couple so I offered to take them down to Polis to get some fuel and then they could continue with their trip to the Baths of Aphrodite.

We chatted all the way down to the Petrol station and they got themselves enough fuel to go back to the station and fill up properly.  I was more than happy to have just helped them out poor things but they insisted on giving me something for my trouble bless them.  Louise has pointed out that from a marketing point of view I have the car parked round the wrong way as her advertising sign for dog grooming is on the passengers side of the car!!! Sorry Lou-Lou xxx

We had a busy day working through the ToDo list for the Do so I was pretty pleased that I wasn't going to be cooking this evening - we had been invited to join Susan and John and their sun Gareth along with Rob and Diana.  We worked hard but got most things done and I even managed to fit in a visit to see Sharon who is recovering from pneumonia.  I didn't get to see Elena who has sadly broken her ankle as if she doesn't have enough to contend with at the moment.  We walked down to meet Rob and Diana passing by the field where Big Foot and her foal are currently grazing.  The foal is a dear little thing.

It was a warm evening and we opted to sit outside.  Susan has offered to be chief photographer at TD as I am barred from spending the afternoon snapping so she needed to get in a bit of practice as she is unfamiliar with my camera.

This was a really good effort - the four boys looking like an aging boy band and John Read clearly star struck by the leader of the pack Rob Veasey! and the one below I like too and I rarely like me in a photograph!!

Anyway a good evening was had by all - we sat out through rolling mists! Can't believe I took a cardie Just in Case but when the rolling mists started I felt somewhat vindicated!

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