Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Honeymoon Suite

Oh my what a day we had yesterday and today John finished off the celebrations by telling me that we would be staying at the Droushia Heights Hotel overnight and that we had the honeymoon suite - wow I remember that from when Elena and Bassam stayed there!

We spent the morning getting the house back into some semblance of order - bunting down, furniture moved and some photographs sorted and put up on the tintyweb for people to see.  All that planning and fretting and it has been and gone but I so enjoyed it and I think everyone that came did too.  The food exceeded my expectations and although a little cramped and disjointed in our garden eveyone seemed to make sure that everyone else was having a good time, eating and drinking.

A big big thank you to the Caterers Louise Rance of Ooh La La Vintage Tea Parties and her family who did us proud - I didn't know what to expect but as I said it was exceptional - on such a hot day everything was kept unbelievably fresh and wherever you found those pork pies they were exceptional!

It was a muggy overcast day today - so glad we had sunshine yesterday because although hot there was a breeze and little humidity - today it is like a pressure cooker and at times it has looked like rain.

So as I said still more surprises today as we were staying at the Droushia Heights in the Honeymoon suite so after lunch we wandered down to the Hotel and after a little delay waiting for the room to be cleaned we made ourselves comfortable in our overnight accommodation. It is all very serene in white.

You enter the suite and walk through into the lounge area and then there is a separate room housing the four poster bed although because it is warm we kept the doors open so that you could just walk straight through.  Then there is the massive bathroom with jacuzzi bath and separate shower and toilet and then you can walk through to the wardrobes and back to the lounge.  We had only just got in when there was a knock at the door and a bouquet of flowers arrived from Mum and Dad and I know John had a hand in organising them because there were eleven red roses surrounding one white one and for those of you who are not familiar then the white rose conveys devotion and the red roses mean true love.  This is John's signature bouquet - he is a bit of a romantic at heart - just look at what he wrote for our anniversary:
""Jill Alison Wiseman, My Amazing wife. We made it!!
I can't believe its been twenty five years of marriage.
Where has the time gone? 
You are my best friend and my soul mate,
We are a couple with a big life, full of excitement and heartache, demanding circumstances and all kinds of randomness... thank you that we could share our Life together. 
Happiness is not a destination but a journey, so I thank you for holding my hand on life's travels. Looking forward to more adventures, so hold on extra tight Mrs W you know it could be a bumpy ride!! I love you to the Moon and back.
Happy Anniversary 
JDubz xxxx"

So first things first we went for a swim in the pool.  All those times we have visited the hotel and we have said how nice it would be to try it out and today we had the opportunity.  Although it was a bit overcast the water was not as cold as we had anticipated.

Then joy of joys I got my bath.  Not without incident though as I failed to read the jacuzzi instructions and threw some bath gel in and set it going and then had to get the waste bin so that I could shovel up the mountains for froth being generated - serves me right!!!

John had organised some new sports tops for us which were embroidered so that if we ever sit together wearing them in the future the wording will all make sense!  And as you can see we had a rather special bottle of fizz to drink out on our balcony.

We had asked Diana and Rob to join us at the hotel for our evening meal.  We wanted to thank them for being so good yesterday making sure that everyone had a drink and that we had loads of lovely photographs of the event and when they had stayed at the hotel earlier in the year they had asked us to join them.  We had a brilliant evening but we were oh so tired!

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