Monday, 4 July 2016

Hounds on Holiday

This morning before John and I went off to help Mina and Claire with their launch of the newly relocated Hounds on Holiday I managed to get in a couple of hours at art with Sheila.  So glad that I did because I didn't go last week and it feels like ages.

I have started my new picture which is fundamentally a pair of feet in ballet shoes.  The challenge for me this time is the skin tones and trying to get the silky sheen and softness of the ballet pumps.

I am getting on ok I think and quite enjoying this one.  Sheila seems to be enjoying her latest project which is a picture of cheetah cubs using pencils which is her preferred medium.

We spent a companionable couple of hours together before it was time for John to pick me up and go off to Giolou for the grand opening of the kennels.

I had been asked to be chief photographer and John had been in charge of car parking.  It was not quite such a hot day today but hot enough.

Mina and Claire had no idea just how many people might turn up on the day - John says he counted and parked over 50 cars.  Money raised through the raffle and the generous contributions of others was going to Stray Haven a new dog sanctuary located in Giolou.

On Friday last week I was contacted by Marianna in the community office because someone had found two puppies dumped in a box in a bin and she wanted help with them.  I wasn't in the village but managed to get Nieske's (Stray Haven) contact details but beyond that wasn't sure what had happened.  Happily Nieske was able to help on this occasion and even happier the little male puppy has already been promised a forever home but the little female is still needing a home.  She is beautiful, gentle and calm even with all the people around and all the other dogs.  I really hope that we will be able to find a loving home for her and soon.  I shall be trying everyone I know and every means I know so watch-out if you have a birthday or celebration coming up soon!!!
The new kennels are fabulous.  There is a generous play area with a dip pool and agility equipment and everything has been thought about very carefully.  This is a major improvement on the old premises but then these have been purpose built.  If you stand with your back to the kennel accommodation the views are absolutely fabulous - these are the same beautiful views which Claire and Mina enjoy from their new home.  They are getting there slowly but surely and when finished the whole place will be absolutely stunning.  They should be very happy with the turnout today and the positive comments that they received.  The food went down a treat and my onion and cheese tart disappeared quite quickly!

It was a long and tiring day but successful and after a debrief around the kitchen table scoffing local kebabs we said goodbye and made our way back home where the cats were patiently waiting for us - well the boys were anyway!!

John settled down to watch England in the Euros - they were appalling - beaten by Iceland that well known football team - Woy of the Wovers was woeful and John came to bed saying his days were numbered - as it transpired it was his hours that were numbered.

Thank god Wimbledon started today although that normally means prolonged rain for the UK!


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  2. I picked up five puppies last week dumped from a red taxi in Drouseia close to Drouseia Hills Resturant. They all had light blue eyes, one had a mix, a very dark blue and light blue eye, Collie or Husky?