Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Ladies Lunch

Up with the larks this morning - a good night's sleep and the promise of a very hot day meant I wanted to get on with things that you just cannot do when the temperature is rising.

We had noticed that the front garden of our neighbours' house had got very overgrown - on one side there is one rose geranium and one lavender and on the other side two lavenders - so how come four plants can produce so much waste?

We seemed to throw more away than was there in the first place - still green waste gets devoured by the poor goats when they come to graze so I am happy to place it all in their area.

Proceedings were watched by Charlie who has found a nice shady spot on top of John's car under the car port.  They all seem to have their favourite places - Minnie likes to be sleep in the outside shower and Boris has taken up residence in one of the empty houses across the road - Chivers' remains a mystery - he is never far but we haven't sussed his favourite place.

Everything on the estate looks so much better with just a bit of a tidy.  John got out his scraper and took the errant weeds that were growing out of the pavement and the road.  The gardens of the unoccupied houses are a much bigger project - seeing how much waste was produced by just four bushes outside Gregoris's house we would need a massive pick-up or three to take away just the rubbish from one of the houses.  We do little bits as and when we can and the other day I saw Sharon tackling the houses opposite her.  Bearing in mind that so many of the houses on the estate are either permanently empty or empty for the most part of the year it doesn't look that bad.

However if John is next door Chivers is never very far away and today was no exception - John was precariously balanced on the fence giving Gregoris's olive tree a haircut and Chivers came to supervise, he then supervised putting the clippings in the wheel barrow.  We have to be careful that we don't shut him in after we have been round!

We got a lot achieved in a couple of hours but boy it was hot.  Still that is a good job done for a while - we need to tackle George's once our Do is over and before Louise, Malcolm and the girls come over.  Pleased with our work we sought refuge in the swimming pool - our reward for getting hot and sticky!!!

We get some odd creatures which meet their maker in the pool and today we hooked out a magnificent example of a European Rhinoceros Beetle which had sadly died.  It was a beautiful thing and I shall give it to Rob to put in his box of beautiful things like the moth pupae we find each year - he is fascinated by the wildlife as am I.

Today it was Ladies Lunch and for the first time we were going to Kaponas Grill House to support Eleni.  Not such a big group this month which is normal for the hotter summer months when people do not come for quite a number of reasons.  Our meal which cost €10 comprised of salad and dips, grilled halloumi, three chicken kebab sticks with rice and a jacket potato with grilled vegetables and stuffed mushrooms, then a cake confection thing which was a bit like baclava topped with makalepi and then some fresh plums.  I enjoyed it and thought Eleni had done really well and it was good that her establishment has been added to our list.  The boys went to Fitos and had a good meal too.  Not sure where our next one is due to be or if we will be available as we start to get a stream of visitors from August!

I called in to see Elena this evening.  I wanted to see how she was doing and take the opportunity to pick up some wine flutes for our Do.  Although it is fundamentally an afternoon tea we will be serving a welcome drink and should people want it, some fizz with their stickies.  Not long now to get ourselves organised but we are getting there!!

Elena seems better than she has done of late, the kids had gone off for an evening horseride courtesy of Caroline at Ride in Cyprus.

Elena's evening supper clubs recommence on Friday with Hadeel at the helm.

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