Saturday, 2 July 2016

Let's forget Brexit at least for a while...

God it is hot today - originally the forecast said it was going to cool from today but now it has changed its mind and apart from a little dip on Monday it is hot hot hot all the way - even here in Droushia - this is good news as Matthew and Sarah arrive today.  For some reason we had convinced ourselves that they were on the late Easyjet flight but when they contact us to confirm all was well (even with the French air traffic controllers playing silly buggers) we realised that we would have to get to the airport earlier than we had thought.

This was a real shame because Mum was strutting her stuff on the catwalk at a charity fashion show at Swanky Wags this evening and I really wanted to go and see her and take some photographs.  I knew that Sheila was going to go along in support but that wasn't quite the same - the only trouble was we couldn't get the keys at Eliofos - put in the shopping, get to Swanky Wags and then across to the airport in time - anyway I like to think that maybe me and John being there would have made her nervous.  Having seen the outfits they had chosen for her I bet she looked stunning but then she always looks nice when we go out anywhere.

Even though it was so very hot today I needed to give the house a clean - we have had the patio doors to the conservatory wide open and all sorts of things have blown in and now we have the light tiled floor every bit shows and the tumbleweed has nowhere to go.

I had to keep Charlie from attacking my NHS mop - I am surprised he has the energy as he and the others have been struggling over the past couple of days.

I am no great cleaner but I think it is lovely when everything looks clean and you know it is clean.  Floors cleaned and mopped, four loads of washing done, everything tidied away, all ship shape and Bristol fashion for a day at least!  Only trouble is that I have a mountain of ironing in the spare room and we have offered for Matthew and Sarah to stay over one night so I need to get that out of the way.

John spent the afternoon working on a project for the pool.  He likes to sit in the corner which gets the shade for most of the day and he decided to make a concrete stool using one of the weed buckets and then tile it with some left over tiles.  It was a bit awkward because the bucket was everso slightly conical and so the blue tiles had to be laid in strips rather than a nice big sheet plus the weather was so hot that everything started to go off too quickly.

Anyway between us we managed to get things to a stage where he was happy that it would only need a final grout, clean and waterproof tomorrow and then it would be ready to use.  It weighs a tonne so once it is in place there is no danger of it floating off anywhere anytime soon and it doesn't matter that the lines aren't awfully straight as they will be corrupted by the water anyway.

Tick in the box as this is something John has wanted to do for ages - not exactly sure why he chose the hottest day of the year so far to start it!!!

Matthew and Sarah are returning to the Eliofos Centre where they stayed last year when they brought their son Adam with them.  This time it is just the two of them.  Nothing has changed at the Centre and they even have the same room No 20 allocated to them so there will be no surprises except that it appears to be busier this year than last as several other rooms are occupied.

We got their shopping and John did the man-thing of filling the fridge with a load of booze!!!  I think they will be grateful for some nice cold ice cold beer having come from a wet and cold Somerset to the wall to wall sunshine of Cyprus.

I bumped into the owner just as we were leaving - I wanted him to know that we had taken the keys he had left in the door for us this afternoon and he said that he would be popping in later to leave them some fresh local fruit to welcome them back - how nice is that?  I am sure they are going to have a lovely time.

It was a fairly quick turn round to ensure that we got to the airport at about the right time so we weren't hanging around clocking up parking fees.  We had seen a newish shack opened up on the old road just before you turn off for the airport and we decided to have a drink there whilst we checked the arrivals on the internet.

We managed to stop at the wrong place initially - bumped into Jane from Drouseia who is returning to the UK (Birmingham) for a short while - spoke to her and wished her well before finding the right place where we logged into the free wifi and tracked the plane coming in.

Quite a few of the flights had been delayed for some reason - but their flight was ok and arrived in a slot on its own so we knew that they wouldn't be overly long waiting for bags.

We didn't have to wait too long, had a bit of a kerfuffle at the barrier to get out as it wouldn't accept John's ticket even though I had paid the requisite amount but eventually they let us through and then it was plain sailing to Latchi.  We deposited our guests at their hostelry, bade them goodnight and arranged to meet them tomorrow.

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