Sunday, 31 July 2016

Saying Goodbye

Janet and Hadge's last day and with a late departure (which turned out to be even later due to an aircraft problem) and it being Sunday, we decided to have everyone up at ours for the day so there would be no pressure - swim, eat and sleep at leisure!

It was an absolutely glorious day - a bit too hot really at times and a bit stuffy under the gazebo but we had all the fans going and brollies up doing the best we could to keep people cool.  We decided the best place would be under the gazebo as John was going to cook Souvla and would be cooking next to us.

We had decided on pork neck for the souvla and chicken breast for the souvlaki to be served with some oven baked Cyprus potatoes, salad and coleslaw and then to follow (later with a cuppa) a slab of Paps delicious carrot cake.

Mum, Janet and Hadge chose to cool down in and around the pool before lunch - we managed to get Hadge onto the edge so that he could dangle his feet in the water.  Mum took advantage of John's bespoke seat in the corner although pointed out that it was a bit low for her and she kept floating off - but as John said it was built with him in mind!!

John did an absolutely cracking job with the souvla - great lumps of barbequed pork are not my favourite but the piece I had was really nice and the chicken cooked to perfection.  John's mum finally got to sample some of my coleslaw - she said the only downside to keeping their visit a secret was that she had had to forego my coleslaw for the first week!!

Great lunch and afterwards we cleared up, dad retired to the shade and the steamers for a snooze, John and I went for a swim and Mum, Janet and Hadge set the world to rights before we had a cup of tea and a piece of cake.   There was no reason for anyone to rush off this afternoon as Janet and Hadge were with us until we took them back down to C&A and their transfer to the airport - they were leaving Polis at 8.00pm

We decided to play a game of Mexican Train dominoes and there needed to be a stewards' enquiry as I won and I won without going out on any of the rounds - I just managed to keep the score of any of my remaining dommies nice and low.

Mum and Dad left after dommies and Janet and Hadge got freshened up and changed ready for their journey - one which neither really relish.  At C&A they wanted a photograph of us all for their July visitors and it turned out rather nice.

We called in to feed Millie on our way back home just as the sun was setting - it looked fabulous as it slipped down below the ridge over towards Pittikopos.

Millie was there - she is half the cat she looks when she has her winter coat on!

She wasn't too bothered about having any tea but appreciated a bit of a cuddle.  She is a bit of a cutie!

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