Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sunday - Wimbledon Final

Sunday - my turn - no pressure but it is too blooming hot for a roast so I decided on a salad and some fresh coleslaw with jacket potatoes and chicken breast which had been marinated in lime and ginger and a little chili and honey.  We had asked Mum if she wanted to stay to watch the Wimbledon men's tennis final as Murray was playing Raonic so had his best chance ever at a second title.

We had also asked her if she would like to have a swim particularly as the water is like a bath in the pool at the moment.  When Mum and Dad had the last villa it had a lovely pool and Mum was very disciplined at getting up and swimming circuits in the morning.  She had left a cozzie up here which I had managed to dig out and the elastic and lycra were still intact so no excuses.  The addition of the steps was a great idea and it gave us a lovely spot to sit and chat.

Lunch seemed to go down well - we sat outside under the gazebo to have our meal as it was shady and there was a nice breeze.  John has to thank Elena for his pud - she sent me back with some Bakewell slices the other day and these are a particular favourite of his although he did admit they were on the sweet side.  It was served with some poached fresh cherries and some cherry and vanilla icecream.

We had our regular game of Noms sat outside under the Gazebo too - it was very pleasant sat there and we are hopeful that when it is TD (the Do) it wont be too hot for people to be sat outside.  We generally get a bit of a breeze - Droushia actually means cool and fresh and for the most part it is.

Mum John and I retired to the lounge to watch the tennis whilst Dad opted for the comfort of the steamers where he was joined by Minnie Mou and they seemed to be locked in a deep and meaningful conversation!  She is getting much better with people having gone through a very odd stage when she skulked around on her knees all the time and ran away from people all the time.

Mum stayed for the first two sets of the match - it looked like it was going to be a straight sets win and in the end that is exactly what it turned out to be so congratulations to Murray for his victory.

Yesterday we had watched wheelchair doubles which was absolutely amazing and well done to the British pairing who were victorious in the final.

The Football Euro competition comes to a close tonight - I am not sure if John is going to stay up and watch as it doesn't start until 10.00 and by about 10.30 he general retires to bed with his Ipad and watches the remainder on that - well I say the remainder but that is not always the case!  I am sure the hot weather is making us weary as we are going to bed early and then sleeping like logs - we have been excluding the cats from coming in the bedroom in the morning and that makes a huge difference.

We had noticed that Charlie seemed to be scratching his left ear a lot and as Minnie Mou suffers terribly with ear mites we wondered if she had passed them on so we decided we should treat him just in case.  He hates having his ears tampered with and goes around wearing them at half mast if we do.  Today was no exception - he wandered round looking very sorry for himself for a while but then perked up when he thought that he might get some chicken off cuts for his tea!

Another good day - Mum and Dad home safe and sound and a nice meal and game of cards together.

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