Thursday, 21 July 2016

Thursday Work Life Balance

We are trying to encourage Louise to embrace a better work life balance so we have made a promise to have lunch together at least once a month.  Today we were meeting her and Hywel at Latchi after they had finished dogging around Neo Chorio.

This was a good plan as it meant we had some time away from the house and the preparations for TD.  I am getting a bit worried about it now as the numbers are dwindling a little and some of the people we would have most like with us sadly cannot make it due to commitments and illness.  We completely understand but we will miss them nontheless and send them big hugs and kisses at this difficult time.

So on a lighter note we went to Latchi today for a swim before lunch at Molos.  Latchi is quite busy but the tourists seem to stick to the old favourite places like La Plage so we made our way round the corner from Porto Latchi and huddled around H's brolly as we had forgotten ours.

We are so very lucky to have this beautiful stretch of coastline on our doorstep.  The sea was just lovely - and thanks to Lou and H we have been in it more times in the last couple of weeks than the rest of the summer put together.

We swam a couple of times and sat in the sun to dry off looking down towards the Anassa Hotel where we keep contemplating going for cocktails but as four cheapskates it just seems a bit of an expense too far when we can wander down to the Droushia Heights and have them there - looking out on the same bit of coastline albeit from a bit further up the mountain.

Lunch at Molos was lovely - I can thoroughly recommend the Chicken Ceasar Salad wrap from the specials menu - John had the steak and onion baguette with chips and salad, Lou had the Mediterranean salad and H the Club Sandwich - I particularly enjoyed my meal which was a bargain at €6.50 plus they now stock non-alcoholic Carlsberg which wasn't too bad a drink.

For pudding H aka Dad took us down to the icecream wagon where we all had a double scoop in a cone!  I plumped for the mango and passionfruit - the mango was eversoslightly sickly and looked like baby poo!

Anyway it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon - August's lunch is penciled in already and we are planning to try Riccos as Lou and H will have been over towards Nikoklia in the morning.

I went round to visit Elena this evening - she is nursing her broken ankle with good grace and good humour.  Such a shame to have a setback after she was beginning to show signs of returning to her old self - still we will keep her amused and occupied even if John has to fireman's lift her into our house next Tuesday.

Bassam and I share a love of Ginger Beer so we are going to investigate making our own - I remember Dad making it when I was a child and I remember that a ginger beer plant was involved and someone had to give you a baby from the parent plant to start you off.  I will find out - it is bound to be on the internet.

On a sad note a boy from the village was killed yesterday driving the family tractor - he was buried today and the whole village is in mourning.  A tragic loss of life at only 15 and Elena told me he was a quiet helpful family lad unlike many of the teenagers who we see ragging cars around the village.  Our thoughts are with the Kaponas family at this time.

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