Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Back to being good and going to the gym this morning although my mucker is suffering with a pull in her back from cleaning windows - I have always maintained that window cleaning is a dangerous occupation so I try and avoid it at all costs.  We had company in the gym as one of the residents was on the strange cross trainer thingy but I expect the grunts and groans emanating from John was enough to put him off as he left fairly quickly after we had arrived.

We took our tea out on the terrace - the hotel is much busier now that the season has started in earnest and they have put a temporary bar by the poolside.  I have to say the fresh fruit looked very inviting but we stuck to our lemon tea and biscuits although not too many of the biscuits today because they seemed to have a slighty bitter flavour and I probably hadn't worked hard enough to eat more than one anyway!

The fruit at the bar inspired us to grab a freshly made smoothie for our breakfast on our return.  We had a water melon that needed using so I juiced that - I would use the juicer more often but it makes such a mess and is a right old bugger to clean.  Added to the watermelon were some black as your hat bananas that have been in the fruit basket since Adam was a boy and then because I had used the yoghurt in making a cake we added a little of the cherry and vanilla ice-cream John bought the other day.  It was delicious and kept me going for the rest of the morning.  So after all that I had the juicer and the liquidizer to clean - deep joy!!!

We went off down to play pickleball (me) and badminton (John) - Mum wasn't playing today because sadly she and Dad were attending a funeral.  Barbara, who was a member of Dad's walking group had passed away.

On our way down the concrete road to the Kritou Tera turning I spotted a cat had been knocked down and was lying on the road, at first glance my heart sank as it looked like Minnie - it was a small ginger cat but not wearing a collar and so was not our little Minnie-Mou - poor thing looked like it had been struck and died immediately.  I couldn't leave it on the road for other vehicles to run over so managed to drag it and place it on the grass verge.  I felt quite shaken because that could so easily be the fate of one of ours one of these days and I know we have to be prepared for it.

We called into Sports Direct on our way down the Mesoghi Avenue as John was looking for another pair of shorts like his Karrimor ones he got in the sale previously.

He was in luck because I managed to find a pair upstairs which was exactly the make, size and colour he wanted and I managed to persuade him to try them on to make sure and they fitted like a glove and didn't cost a month's pension!

John starts badminton earlier when the school is on holiday so I dropped him off and then shot off to Emba for my pickleball - it was very humid in the room today so I was glad we had the requisite six so that we got a bit of a rest between sets of games although sometimes I barely seem to have sat down before I was due back on again.

As Mum and Dad were not going to be around I had a list of things I wanted to try and get done whilst I was in Paphos and had the opportunity.  First and foremost I needed to renew the insurance on Kenny.  Whilst I was in the office sorting out the payment I had a text from John to say he had played as much as he could manage with the hot and sticky conditions and so I said I would go and pick him up and we could continue with the remainder of the shopping together because it would be in the Mall and the Mall is air-conditioned!!

I negotiated my way back to Emba from Atlantic which is a bit of a challenge when roads are closed left right and Chelsea because of the improvements being made in and around Kennedy Square.  We then made our way down to the Mall where, en route, I stopped in a queue at some traffic lights to let a guy who had been to a takeaway get to his car and then indicated that I would let him pull out in front of me.  I didn't expect him not to look at the lights to appreciate that we were stopped because of them, instead he slammed the car into drive and slammed it into the side of the car in front of me - whoops!

Once we got to the Mall we truly appreciated the chilled atmosphere inside.  We were picking up a few bits and bobs for our do - most of which we sourced in Jumbos and then once on the top floor we decided that we would grab something to eat then once we were home that was it for the evening - feet up and the final two episodes of The Tunnel season 2!

Sorry Mum but we succumbed to your one weakness - KFC - not something we have had in ages and latterly I thought it had lost something in its flavour so hadn't been overly bothered about having it but I have to say I really enjoyed our bargain bucket today and I can't normally drink one of those large cups of lemonade but I managed it just fine today!

When I got back home I investigated my wedding anniversary present from John.  He is all heart and has bought me a nice steam mop which Janet Jinty was advertising.

I joke of course - he had not bought me a steam mop he has bought me a Black and Decker Workmate!!!  No I am really joking - he has bought me a watch!!

I have bought the steam mop.  I had one before that Mum gave me and it was perfect on the tiled floors and sadly it bit the dust and John couldn't repair it  Now we have the tiled floor in the conservatory it is a bit of a battle to keep it looking clean and whilst I don't mind wielding a mop it is a bit of a faff.  I saw this one advertised although initially Janet wanted a bit more than I could afford but we came to an agreement and I went and picked it up on Monday - it is a very jolly sunshine yellow colour - my old one was green and this one doesn't have to have distilled water although I think I will get some and alternate between that and tap.  My kitchen floor looks sparkling for five minutes - the cats have a rather unpleasant habit of removing their food from the bowls and slapping it all over the floor and when that is bloody raw liver that makes a mess!

We had a nice quiet evening and savoured every second of the last two episodes of the Tunnel which we have absolutely loved.  Every episode has gripped us - so much going on and so many questions raised, great acting and great characters - we are going to miss it and are undecided as to what to watch now.

Before going to bed I enjoyed a star-lit cool shower outside in the garden.  John was good enough to let me have the water that had been warmed but the sun as it passes through the wall but even at this late hour the water remained lukewarm for my ablutions and for John's.  Once again the temperatures are ramping up and the evenings are so warm even here in Droushia.

I plan to get up early tomorrow and get some gardening done - I know that Minnie-Mou will assist by waking me at around 5.30am but with it being so hot the earlier the better.

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