Thursday, 7 July 2016

Turtle Watching...

Our friends' holiday is racing by - after a really excellent day yesterday sampling the delights that Droushia has to offer we had a leisurely morning with breakfast here before Matthew and Sarah made their way back to Eliofos for a late morning trip to the beach before returning here and venturing down to the big city and Paphos harbour where we were going to sample the Atlantis Turtle Watching Cruise because they wanted to see turtles and this is about the only (just about) guaranteed way of doing so.

Our friends Gill and David Carbine had been last week and I know that they had seen turtles so we were fairly confident that we were going to be successful.

As we sat at the harbour the sea was like a millpond - sadly that was not the case as we left for deeper water and it became a bit choppy and then a bit more choppy and some people suffered from the swell.  I have to admit there were times when I wondered whether or not I was going to join them but I kept my mind on other things and was ok in the end.

We were amongst the first group to go down below and look for turtles and we saw over 20 but they move so quickly that it is hard to capture them on camera - we weren't lucky enough to see the resident seal or any stingray which have been visible on other trips.

Once the turtle watching element of the trip is over they bring you in closer to the coast to swim from the boat which, if you have been feeling a little queasy is by far the best thing to do although I have to say the water temperature at Latchi or even in our pool is much greater than what we experienced last night although it was lovely once you got used to it and when you jump off of a boat into deep water you really don't have much choice but to get used to it!!!

As we returned to the harbour we were treated to a reasonable sunset although there was a bank of cloud which meant that we never got to see it sink unhindered into the horizon but by that time I think some of the passengers were rather glad to be getting onto dry land!

Our reward for sailing the seven seas was to get back to Kathikas and introduce Sarah and Matthew to the delights of a meal at Fitos which was, at 9.00pm, packed!!!  They were so impressed by our meal which was rounded off by the infamous Joanna orange cake which we had been telling them about but which we never expected to have served to us last night - RESULT

Our meal began with salad and dips and pittas, John and Sarah had village chicken, I had lamb cutlets and Matthew had mixed kebab on a plate, this was followed by orange cake and plums and free brandies, we had a very delicious bottle of Agios Onofrious and some soft drinks, beers and water and Matthew had change from €60!!!  Thank you both for the meal xxx

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