Friday, 26 August 2016

A Very Special Evening...

Today we had arranged to meet up with Wendy and Bill who were unable to come to TD because of Bill's dad's health.  They are our original No1 Stalkers and our friendship is all down to this blog!  We had hoped that we might be able to eat at an Orexi Supper Club under the trees in the garden but for one reason or another we had given Bassam and Elena the opportunity to cancel it - right up until today but they were insistent that the show would go on and so our table was secured and we were to be joined by George and Pam and their family and other diners already booked in.

Wendy and Bill arrived early afternoon for a nice lazy few hours before walking through the village to Orexi HQ and our Lebanese style meze.  They were amazed that today there was very little temperature difference between Pissouri where they live and here in Droushia which generally is at least 5-6 degrees cooler!  It was a very very clear very hot day with no humidity - the view down to the coast was crisp and clear and you could see the mountains over in Turkey.

We were joined  by the Veaseys and we sat outside under the gazebo having pre dinner drinkies before walking up through the village with our neighbours in tow.  It was a perfect balmy evening and we were so pleased that Elena and the family were able to welcome us into their garden to eat their wonderful food.

The lovely Phillipa was there as Elena's right hand woman and Phillipa's darling daughter Katerina was a very lovely and attentive waitress even though she had a very poorly back.  We flitted in and out to keep Elena involved in the proceedings until fatigue overtook her and she went to bed but not before she had devoured some of my coleslaw - so glad I had been able to tickle her tastebuds!

It was a fabulous evening - Bassam and the children really did us proud.  The food was, as always, amazing and the Agios Onofrious helped wash it down - I have to say Bassam's mango sorbet was absolutely delicious and we enjoyed great conversation with fine food and wines.  The children are such a credit to Bassam and Elena and we realised last night that this sort of Friday is their norm in the summer and they were comfortable with entertaining in the garden for which we are very grateful - it is such a privilege to be there with them.

I think we were all just a bit jolly on our way home.  Wendy decided to check out a new mode of transport as we raucously made our way on a circuitous route through the village checking out what was happening in down-town Droushia!!

A very enjoyable evening was rounded off with a drink in Cafe Vrisi chatting with the locals.  It felt like we were on holiday - this evening we had enjoyed our village at its very best.  We are so lucky to be living here - as I said to someone tonight - we have been blessed to have found this little oasis that we call home.

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  1. Enjoyed our evening very much as always. Agree your village is a well kept secret... Well for the time being!! Stalkers number one xx