Sunday, 14 August 2016

Charity Shield

We had a break from tradition this Sunday for which many thanks to Mum and Dad for being understanding and we will make it up to you tomorrow.

We were going to Pissouri to meet up with our number one stalkers Bill and Wendy.  They have had a bit of a time of it recently as Bill's Dad is very poorly indeed and they had to rush back to the UK and are at the ready to do so again if and when they need to.  To cheer Bill up we had arranged to go and watch his beloved Leicester City play Manchester United in the Charity Shield and then round off the day with a curry in Pissouri Bay.  Diana and Rob were coming with us as they had missed not seeing the Bailey's at TD and if Susan and John Read had not been on their travels we would have squeezed them in as well for the same reason.

The day started with John going down to check on and feed Millie.  Whilst he was gone I heard the familiar sounds of an overhead helicopter and feared that maybe the massive fires down towards Helen and Als had rekindled but was relieved to see it was the helicopter which I thinks shuttles people too and from the Anassa Hotel.  As I took a quick snap as it went over the top of the house and caught the camouflage colours of the awning at the bottom it looked like a scene from M*A*S*H

Everything at John and Susan's was fine which is good.  I shall have to get down early next week to pick the remaining tomatoes and some of the glut of peaches and nectarines before it is too late.

John is always much happier when he has seen Millie and so far apart from one day she has been in evidence.  He likes to try and go much the same time to give her a routine she can get used to and so far it seems to be working.

Last night George and Pam's family arrived safe and sound and called in this morning just to say thanks for how lovely the villa looked on arrival and for stocking the fridge for them.  I can't believe it has been two years since they were last here and the girls have just got so grown up.  They brought with them some lovely goodies including a heart for the garden which was found a place on the singing ringing tree.

They are all fine and looking forward to some guaranteed sunshine.  We are slightly confused as to when George and Pam arrive - I thought it was today, John thought it was Tuesday but Louise has them down for tomorrow!!

We sat round and had a chat until it was time for us to leave and pick up Diana and Rob for our journey to Pissouri.  We are not entirely sure where the bar is that we are due to meet so we wanted to get there in plenty of time.  I had offered to be driver on what is ostensibly a boys' outing - John said we would share which means he drives there and I drive back!

It was an ecstasy and agony game for Foxes Supporters - with Manchester United spoiling the fun - at least Bill got to see Leicester score but as always Manchester United seemed to get more than their fare share of the decisions and that gets a bit boring.

Still he joined the merry band of football supporters to have seen their team lose this weekend - welcome to that club which includes Charlton Athletic and Sheffield United but not, thankfully, Yeovil Town.

Diana and I didn't watch the beginning of the match as it was soooooo hot in the bar and we were feeling it a bit coming from up in the hills so we took a wander down to the sea having a quick look at some of the shops en route and found ourselves a nice little seat on the front in the shade where there was a nice cooling breeze - which turned into a bit of a hurricane by the end of the evening!!   I had put on a pair of shoes I hadn't worn in ages - they were fine at the outset but then by the time we walked back to the bar the sole and upper had parted company (probably due to the heat of the pavement) and one of the straps had worked loose so I looked something like Coco the Clown!!!

We rounded off the evening with an unconventional Sunday meal of a curry at the Saffron down at the Bay.  By the time we were eating our meal the place was absolutely heaving - reckon everyone had had the same idea as us and watched one of the many footie matches on before having an Indian.

A nice uneventful drive home and a lovely day out with great friends.

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