Tuesday, 23 August 2016

In the pink!

So today John was off on a first aid course for the Badminton Club before playing badminton and in desperation I had contacted my lovely hairdresser Lumi to get my hair cut - the sun makes it grow like there is no tomorrow and it was feeling just like a helmet stuck to my head.  Bless her she managed to squeeze me in and I was so pleased!!!  My hair has become finer and softer and without gunk is just flyaway and unstylable (if there is such a word) and I feel like Wurzel Gummidge.

Lumi has had her hair cut too - it is now in a long sleek bob with slices of pale pink and pale purple running through it - oh how I love a bit of colour in my hair so I persuaded her (a) to chop my hair off good and short and (b) to add a little bit of temporary colour!  Not exactly sure what she used but it was only on my hair for about 10 seconds and now I have a pink and purple fringe - I know John will love it but I am not sure Mum was overly impressed when I pitched up for lunch before we went out for a mooch around in search of illusive black sandals for me.  I used to have a lovely low wedge pair from Marks and Spencers like the ones in the picture and that is the sort of thing I am looking for - I don't want flat, I want black and they need to be wide for my fat feet and my big fat toe.

It was a long old course for John so he didn't have a huge amount of time to play badminton but it was very hot and sticky so he was pretty happy to finish at 4.30pm and he was absolutely dripping when I got to the school to pick him up.  I had realised during the course of the day that when I changed my mobile handset I had forgotten to transfer over all the calendar entries - birthdays at the very least so knew what I would have in store for me this evening - there is no other way to transfer them but to go into each entry on the old phone and then recreate it manually on the new phone.  Having had a Blackberry for about 8 years everything I wanted to remember was in the damn thing and so when we got home I found it, charged it and sat down whilst John agonised over the pathetic performance of Sheffield United.  He listened to the game on his Blades Player and when they were 3-0 down in the first 15 minutes I thought he was going to have a fit.

John 's Mum and stepdad arrive tomorrow so before we have three weeks of extensive eating and drinking we opted for something a little lighter and I rustled up a salad with what we had lurking in the fridge.  This is always my favourite kind of tea.  I could eat this any day, summer or winter!

We settled down to watch the Olympics - the bits that we could anyway as the broadcasting of it is a bit hit and miss over here.  As a nation we seem to be doing exceptionally well and we have watched sports that we would not normally be overly interested in because there is a GB representative and in a lot of those more minority sports we have been doing rather well.

Sean called round for a chat with John so I grabbed the opportunity to catch up on the blog - it sends John mental that he is watching something and then I upload some photos and the picture freezes and with visitors being able to keep the blog up to date can be quite difficult.  Even if I haven't written the words as long as the pictures are there I can remember what to write when I get round to it.  I don't want to disappoint my regular readers some of whom I know refuse to go to bed until the latest instalment of the blog has been published!

 Never one to be able to just sit and watch the TV I have started on my adult colouring book which my mother in law Janet sent me - I need some better crayons as the paper is shiny and the one's I have struggle to make their mark.  The book is full of 100 mandala patters which are so intricate and some of the patterns require better light and better eyesight than I had last night!  I think I am going to enjoy these but no idea what I am going to do with them as I finish them!

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